On the evening of June 4, 2019 two people were traveling near the Youngstown side of the Chestnut Ridge not far from Latrobe in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The sky was clear with good visibility. The passenger in the car suddenly yelled out, “What are those lights”? The driver was watching the road and didn’t notice them until they were pointed out.

The passenger was confused about what she was seeing since it looked so unusual. She saw what appeared to be a glass tube cylinder among bright lights that seemed to be covered with a smoke or haze. The cylinder appeared to be attached to a large V shaped object with several rows of different colored lights.

This sketch of the object was drawn by one of the witnesses
The driver pulled the car over and stopped the vehicle so he could view what the other person was watching. The man said he was amazed when he looked up and noticed the odd sight in the sky approximately 80-100 yards away from the vehicle. Hovering about 60 feet over the trees was a very strange looking object in the shape of a V. The V shape was made up of numerous small rectangular shaped white lights. These lights were glowing but would brighten and dim at times. The driver estimated that there could have been 50 or more lights. The object was estimated to be about 40-50 feet long.

Above the smaller lights were four larger round lights that were strobing and orange, blue, red, and green in color. The brightness of these colors appeared pale compared to the smaller rectangular white lights. These lights seem to strobe from left to right. There was a larger light that produced a beam that was scanning the sky above the object.

The driver lowered the windows as they continued to watch the object. The two observers were amazed that the hovering object was completely silent. As the witnesses continued to watch the object, some odd affects took place. The driver stated that it was as though “the electronic system of the car was having a seizure.” The radio was off at the time, however they suddenly began to hear an odd clicking sound inside the vehicle but they were unable to locate the source. At the same time it was noticed that the dash lights were dimming on and off with the beat of the clicking sound. The driver also stated that soon after he was having a problem with his cell phone dropping the signal several times.

The observers watched the object for about 3 minutes but became very disturbed by the encounter and decided to leave the area and continue down the road. The passenger stated, “we were beside ourselves in and awe.” They didn’t even think of trying to take a picture.

The object was still hovering as they began to drive down the road going about 30 miles per hour. That is when something else strange occurred. About 30 seconds after they left the location of the observation, a deer ran out from the woods in front of their car. The driver of the car is an experienced outdoorsman and said the deer looked dazed and confused. It was moments later that another deer did the same thing. Then just a short distance down the road a bird hit the car windshield and continued on. As they continued for another short distance an even stranger animal encounter took place.

The driver, who is very familiar with the native animals around the area, saw a creature that startled him. He said this creature stopped about 7 feet in front of his vehicle. This creature was directly in his headlights and he got a good look at it. He knew what it was but the animal has been declared extirpated in Pennsylvania for many years.

He is certain he saw a “wolverine.” The animal looked directly at the vehicle and was about 4 feet long from tail to snout. It had light brown hair with dark spots with tuffs of tan and white hair. It had its mouth open and showed its teeth before running off. Its body was thicker than the fishers that have been seen around this area. The witness said he was dumbfounded. As they continued on, more deer quickly exited the woods.

The driver commented, “all of these animals seemed confused and frightened. They were all crossing the road as to evade something that had scared them. I was in a state of amazement at what we encountered. I’ll never forget that strange night.”

In recent weeks, the national news media has been giving some serious attention to the UFO phenomena and focusing on observations made by our Navy pilots. I set up my UFO Hotline in 1969 to report sightings in the Keystone state and my phone never stops ringing with current and past observations. When I began in the field investigations of UFOs and other phenomena in 1965, it became apparent that many UFO sightings could be explained as natural or manmade in origin. However every year, I receive UFO reports from across Pennsylvania that are not so easily explained away.

During my nearly 60 years of research I have investigated multitudes of low level UFO incidents where large structured objects were observed at very close range. Many of these incidents occurred in daylight and were observed by more than one witness. These detailed close range UFO encounters have continued to occur in more recent years. During the last year and continuing into 2019, I have continued to receive reports of aerial objects that are not easily dismissed.

NOTE: from Scott Gordon…The sighting that I have detailed occurred along the Chestnut Ridge. This area has a long history of mysterious encounters. There are commonly annual reports of UFOs, Bigfoot, and other anomalies reported through the Chestnut Ridge area of Westmoreland, Fayette, and Indiana counties in Pennsylvania. If you have any Pennsylvania UFO or Bigfoot incidents you would like to discuss I can also be contacted at: NOTE: The above photo is real and from another strange encounter in Tracy California.






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