My friend at the time called me and said he had seen some “ufos”, I thought he was seeing things, but humored him and said we could get together the next night for a poker game and see the so called “ufos” m father in law and I went to Mondovi Wisconsin to play cards. While playing, around 8 pm he noticed the lights, so we all went outside (My friend, his wife, my father in law and myself). I had brought a camera, as well as a video camera to record the lights and explain to him what we were seeing, that being said, my Father n law was in the Air Force when he was younger and I lived on many Military bases and knew a lot about jets, Helicopters etc, I thought I’d easily explain the light to him to prove they were not ufos. After about 5 minutes, I knew without a doubt as well as my father in law these were NO, JETS OF ANY KIND, HELICOPTERS, BALLOONS, RADIO TOWERS, BLIMPS, and surely not Drones (drones were not out as of this year. We observed these “lights” for about an hour and a half. I took a lot of pictures and some video, wish I’d have taken more but was so dumbfounded as to what I was seeing and trying to explain to myself what they were… I can NOT explain what we saw. As stated above, nothing I knew of could have did what these lights were doing, they fly slow as times from east to west, north n south. And faster at times, no abrupt changes in direction but would “disappear ” and show up miles away in seconds or an instant. I’m not seeking any kind of fame, tv etc don’t even care about credit for pics and video, just would like someone to view them and tell me what they think we seen. , that’s all….you look at the pics and decide for yourself. Not all were the same shape as you can see in the pics. Note, the camera I was using was one of the first digital cameras out, an old Toshiba 4 mg Pixar camera, and you can get the pictures for any manipulation and will not find any … this is exactly as they were taken. It took me years to figure out weather or not to even post them or tell anyone other than family, but, I’m to curious as to what they were. I thank you for your time, and hope you can explain what these are… Thank you, Sincerely, I’m trying to upload more pictures but it only let me upload one.

KENS NOTE: Why MUFON would classify this case as IFO, Identified Flying Object is a total mystery to me. It alarms me of the possible debunkers in this organization.






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