Location: Sea Bright beach in Sea Bright, NJ.  Time: Approx 8:20pm.  Weather: Very cloudy.  My friend who was visiting wanted to go to the beach to see the sunset, so I took her. It was quite cloudy so there wasn’t much to see. We then ended up walking around the town a bit then eventually head back to the beach. We shortly after that went back to the car to remove the sand from our shoes. When I finished I looked up at the sky as something caught my eye. It was the brightest, biggest, and closest object in the sky. I never saw anything like it in my life and Ive lived in the area for an extremely long time. I could tell it wasn’t a plane as it was not only too close to be a plane, but I saw planes in the sky at the time as thats usual to see at that beach due to an airport being nearby. It looked very star-like and couldn’t tell its shape because all I saw was a very bright white light. I watched  as it became brighter, then darker, completely disappearing, then progressively becoming brighter again. It did this for a little while until it out of no where rose into the sky vertically and shot up into the clouds and above. We shortly saw it reappear in the sky. I can’t remember if it was still as close, or in the same place, but at this point I got out of the car to run toward it and try to get as close as possible. I couldn’t get any closer due to the water in the ocean and it happened to be above the ocean which appeared to be a mile or few away with how big and bright it was. I saw it blink; becoming brighter, then dark, then brighter again. It ended up disappearing a few times and reappearing in different locations of the sky as well as shielding itself in the clouds. Sometimes we saw it move horizontally and I’m not entirely sure, but I believe I saw red and green blinking lights when it did this, and I believe I saw an outline of a three-dimensional pyramid shape on the top and bottom. I also saw it either morphing into an airplane, or disappearing at that exact time so it seemed to have good cloaking abilities. The both of us watched this for about a half hour until we no longer saw it anymore in the sky, and couldn’t find it reappearing anywhere else. Also, while on the beach as I got as close as possible to it, I heard this strange ambient-like sound that sounded a bit metallically. I certainly cannot explain it, didnt know what was causing it, or where it was coming from, but it was certainly a sound I’ve never in my life heard on the beach before. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS.  This case is under investigation by Ken Pfeifer of MUFON New Jersey.