I was standing to the east and north of the Driscol Bridge on the east side approx. 1/4 mile away from bridge which I could see on my left. I became aware of a brightness above me and to the right of the bridge. I looked up and saw circular lights (7) that appeared to be floating downward. I had an instant thought that this was space debris which was instantly replaced with the realization that there were 7 separate orbs in horizontal orientation and were of equal distant from each other. I couldn’t speak. After this observation as the orbs were on a trajectory for the earth, they suddenly stopped. I felt my stomach turn as I fully expected them to continue. There was no sound. The light from the orbs didn’t appear to radiate and they were white. Before I could get over the shock of this, every other orb suddenly began to drift downward and out of sight as the others maintained their positions. My mind was racing. Then the orbs that had disappeared from sight slowly rose back up and took their place in the original line. Then the other ones (that had remained up) slowly drifted down and out of sight as the returned orbs maintained their position in the horizontal line. Shortly, the orbs that were down rose back up and took their position in the line. There was no change of color or size and they were silent. Just as I was wondering what was going to happen next, the whole line of them rose and tilted up on the left and began to move towards the north west slowly. At all times they maintained a straight line and exact distance from each other. It was as though they pivoted on an axis. As this line now started moving to the northwest, I looked up in that direction. The sun had not risen, but the predawn light had just begun. I then saw where they were going. High in the NNW I clearly saw a large chevron-shaped object. If I imagine holding a grapefruit at arms length it may have been almost sufficient to cover the object. It was completely still and motionless and made no sound. It was tilted slight up and the open end was toward me. It was dull black with no observable markings. The chevron shape was square on the two ends and symmetrically the same toward the point. Under the chevron were three large, flat or slightly domed lights that appeared to be part of the object. There were 3 lights on the underside. They were large and bluish white. One light was under the pointed end and there was 1 under each end of the chevron. I was observing it and watching the row of orbs heading towards it, now parallel to the open end of the chevron. The row of lights seemed to bend around it and disappeared. I’m not sure where they went, but they were no longer visible to me. There was the briefest of pauses. I saw the object start to move and then it was gone. It moved so fast I can only imagined it was the speed of time. It didn’t make a sound. It didn’t leave a trail. It was just gone. This sighting has haunted me. I’ve tried to think of any explanation. It has affected my life. I still try to find ways of explaining it away, but I cant. Not flares, not meteors, too coordinated to be a random reflection on a low cloud ceiling. I’m convinced the object itself left this solar system, I have no doubt. I know for a fact there is no technology on this earth that can perform this way. As far as I’m concerned it is unexplainable. I am quick to point out hoaxes and really had no idea if ufo’s existed. I am a person who figures things out and I’m left with this unexplainable memory imbedded in my brain. I think scientifically and it didn’t fit any known laws of physics I’ve learned or learned since. Its the only thing in my life of 56 years that I couldn’t explain and it bothers me a lot. I think of it frequently. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.   This case is under investigation by Ken Pfeifer of MUFON New Jersey.





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