Wife and I were playing cards in the parlor, when she goes, what is that?  I looked out the window which is right there where we play and we watched what we both thought was 7 snowmobiles on our property (we have 20 acres of farmland). We assumed snowmobile headlights heading in our direction, at this time the lights would have been at the boundry line of our property to our west.  Anyway, as we watched, the lights raised up, not to high, but slowly heading towards the house.  I went into the kitchen because the direction of the object(s) which was getting close seemed a better view to be seen from the window in the kitchen which looks south. As I approached the window, I pass the stove, which has a digital display of the time on it, it was exactly 2.03 am. As I approach the window, the back yard is incredibly lit up. VERY brightly lit up. Could not see the object due to it being above the house right above where I was looking. We have a little little shed looking building which our water pump is located, about 4 feet outside of the wall of the kitchen. As I’m looking out, the shadow of the shed which was to the right of the shed moved to where there really was no shadow, meaning to me the object was right above the shed, meaning it was directly above me.  I had a very real fear, for that matter, I still do. I moved away from the window due to being scared, and just like that, the light disappeared. My wife the whole time was still at the table in the parlor. Something I noticed immediately after this happened according to the clock on the stove, 31 minutes had passed while I was in the kitchen, which I could not believe, because both my wife and I figured I was in the kitchen for less than 5 minutes, probably more like 2 or 3 minutes total. This event haunts me, almost daily, my wife REFUSES to discuss what happened, why??  When I bring it up, she makes me feel like I’m an ass. She says, she would have no idea what we saw, so drop it. Well, I can’t drop it, and won’t.  I was never one to believe in this sort of thing, but I saw what I saw and nobody can tell me otherwise. By the way, during this event, NO SOUND did the object make but its lights seemed to me that I could make out a shape of it, but its not a normal shape kind of like looking at a car coming at you from a 45 degree angle at you with lights all along the front end.  I walked to the area where we first saw the lights on the ground and nothing showed any sign of anything being on the ground there. 2 days after the event, I talked to the man who leases our property, thinking that maybe somehow it could have been a piece of his elaborate farming equipment he had out there the night in question, but he informed me no equipment would be on my property until spring. The neighbor who lives to our immediate west of the house, I asked him if he saw anything, to which he replied he would have been sleeping. I did not tell him what I saw, in fact, this is the only detailed report of any kind which I have made.  I do regret not contacting the police about the occurance, but what would they do??  My wife and I still stay up late playing card games at the same table, and have NOT seen anthing like this since the event took place 3 days before xmas, and I am still extremely nervous about it. My wife and I do NOT drink, or do drugs.  So what did we both witness?   I seriously want to find a reason to prove that this did NOT happen, but it did. I swear as God is my witness, that this story is not a story, but the absolute truth, which scares the hell out of me.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.