My mother has asthma and C.O.P.D. which means I smoke on my back porch. Every night for several months, going back as far as New Year’s , give or take a couple weeks, whenever the skies are clear, I observe the exact same craft in a window between the hours of 10pm and 3am. It always appears in the same part of the sky to the southwest, hangs there for no less than an hour, often times longer, before slowly beginning to drift away from my location on a southwest heading. To the naked eye it first appears to be a typical commercial aircraft with typical night flying lights. It is only when you look at it long enough that you realize it’s not moving in any direction, it simply hangs there in the sky. Then it appears to be a commercial aircraft that is stationary in the sky with multiple strobes flashing in very, very rapid succession. Through binoculars, a shape or outline of a craft is not possible to make out. What is visible is a single intense yellowish light that occasionally pulses very slowly. On the right of this slowly pulsing yellow light appears to be a sometimes single, sometimes multiple very visible red strobe that flashes in a manner so fast and bright I would almost describe it as aggressive. On occasions when there appears to be multiple red strobes, it appears that one is directly beneath the other, and sometimes it seems a third one is visible on the left side. Also to the left of this yellow “main” light is a single green strobe, which also flashes extremely fast, but slightly slower than the reds. It also often appears as though the craft is either changing shape or possibly rotating on an axis, as often to the naked eye it appears to go from a horizontal series of strobes to a much more compact mass of lights. Sometimes through the binoculars it also appears to give off smaller singularly lights, usually the same yellow as the “main” light. These smaller off-shoot lights appear to separate from the main entity of strobes and either very briefly orbit around it or sometimes seem to ‘dance’ or ‘play’ with each other before rejoining the main body. These off-shoot events are infrequent and last only a few minutes. I watch the object as long as I can before losing visual on it as it drifts farther and farther away into the southwest night sky, always very slowly. My home is located near a small municipal airport which rarely handles traffic larger than a Cessna type aircraft. I am also approximately equal distances from Philadelphia International, Atlantic City International, and Dover AFB. I have observed a variety of aircraft flying over my house or on a flight path that is nearly over my house for years, always from the south to a north/northeast heading. I know what commercial jets, turbo props, and light aircraft all look and sound like in the sky. I swear to you this is not an airplane, nor a helicopter. It hangs stationary in the sky and moves away, and despite never being able to determine a solid hull or shape or outline, I can best describe its movements and behavior in the sky as being similar to a blimp or some other form of airship, but no such aircraft (to my knowledge) are known to operate in this area, especially late at night. I live with my mother, and I have kept this from her since the very first time I saw this craft. Despite the fact that in her life she has had three different sightings herself , one of which a frighteningly close encounter with a massive craft at treetop level which left her extremely frightened,  I decided not to tell her about it until just days ago. I can’t tell you why. I just felt it was something best kept to myself. A few days ago I finally told her. During a sighting of the craft I called her to the back porch, pointed it out to her with the naked eye and handed her the binoculars. She sees what I see. Unfortunately, our most reliable recording devices for picture and video are our iPhones, and between the craft being distant in the sky and the night sky being so dark, the phones cameras are not able to register it. The most recent sighting was tonight, June 25, 2014 at 1:30am lasting until approximately 2:20am. I should note that I have never witnessed this object appear in the sky. Every time I have seen it, it has already been present upon my stepping outside. Many of my friends believe in UFOs and alien life, and that includes myself, but I am not eager for my experiences to be known to others. I know they’re up and out there and that’s enough for me. But this has been happening for so long with such frequency and consistency, I feel that it would be wrong for me not to file some kind of official report about this as a matter of record, so here it is.  NOTE The above image is a rendering.


This case is under investigation by Ken Pfeifer of MUFON New Jersey







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