Joseph Stillwell (involved in a previous encounter) was awakened by an odd noise, a low toned “pop”, and immediately opened his eyes. He was lying on his back and although his face was exposed, the bedding was pulled upward and piled at his chin, in a pyramidal shape, so high that he could only see the ceiling directly above. The pointed apex of this form was an arms-length high and the sides descended, arrow straight, to either side of his shoulders. Looking up, left or right, the edge of this structure was even with his chin and perfectly aligned, vertical and flat, as if cut with a knife. Nothing was supporting this structure and it was only touching his shoulders. The void between his torso and the peak of the bedding was several feet high yet the sides of the structure, though descending at significant angles to either shoulder, remained straight and vertical as if solid. He stared with wonderment at the sky blue light that was pulsing across the ceiling. It was lit in a dim, pulsating, blue glow, across the width of the room and down the walls, the source of which was toward the foot of the bed, obscured from his view by the bizarre mound of blankets. He brought both arms up from his sides and grasped the pile and pulled it down as he raised his head. There was no resistance. The ceiling at the end of the room was brightly lit, brilliant blue and moving. It looked like the agitated surface of a swimming pool, with randomly forming intertwining light patterns against a bright blue background. It was three-dimensional, projecting off of the plane where the ceiling should be. It also had depth, with the “water-like” medium visible well above where the ceiling, attic, and roof should have been. It appeared that the affected portion of the ceiling and house was gone. This moving portion of the ceiling spanned the width of the room, with crisp termination at the three walls it was touching. It projected about eighteen inches out from the far wall and the border that was an open ceiling was different. It was fuzzy, or blurred and quite different from the other edges. It made no sound even though that section of ceiling was moving rapidly. He was mesmerized by this display as he lifted his head.

There was someone standing at the foot of his bed, directly at his feet. The blue band on the ceiling waned and the thing at the foot of the bed started glowing blue. Its head shone, beautiful blue, flickered twice and went dark. It was big and it was not human. It was at least six feet tall, with a head twice the size of a man and enormous black eyes. It was wearing a dark cape that was cinched at the chin with a short collar that had a small “V” opening at the front and ran up to the jaw line on either side. It was looking slightly to its right as the witness raised his head and either seeing him move or sensing movement it turned its head and looked straight at him. That was the only time he saw it move. Its head was much wider than where its’ shoulders should be. The portion of the cape just below the collar could not have been more than eight inches in breadth. The cape covered its entire body and splayed outward as it hung below the foot of his bed, out of his field of view. It had numerous vertical folds and appeared to be flexible, as cloth. He did not see it move.

At some point the blue band on the ceiling reappeared and though he never took his eyes off of this creature he did not see it happen. It was just there much larger than before, covering about 40% of the ceiling from the far wall to the foot of his bed. From the edge on open ceiling hung a vertical, transparent, “curtain” of moving light. It appeared as a giant pane of glass spanning the breadth of the room, wall to wall and from ceiling to floor. Contorting rays of blue and white light rippled across and down this plane and gave it the appearance of movement (as in a windblown flag). The ceiling was moving much differently than before and because of the increase in area affected was illuminating the entire room in bright blue. The ceiling pattern was now not random rippling but row upon row of undulating blue tubes, about one and a half inches in diameter, moving across the width of the room. The edges of each tube were shadowed with gray and the entire affected area of the ceiling was slightly out of focus, fuzzy. There were scores of rows of these things, side by side, apparently touching and undulating up and down with no synchronization to each of the others movement. They emanated from the left wall and disappeared into the right side wall, endlessly. The display was also three-dimensional with the tubes curving down below the ceiling plane and then up beyond where the ceiling and roof should be. It was as if the ceiling in the lit portion of the room was, again, gone. The witness was in awe and kept thinking, “remember everything”.

Because the room was so brightly lit it was easy to see detail in the creature standing before him. With his head raised, the distance from his face to the creature was maybe five feet. It was standing just behind the “curtain of light” and never passed through it. Its face was the size of a human size and shape. The mouth was narrow, no lips, and remained as a straight slit the entire time. The nose was small and had two nostrils. Ears were smaller than ours, but not tiny, and flat against the sides of its head. It’s eyes were huge and jet black, and though they appeared wet and glossy he never saw it blink, nor did he detect eyelids. Its cranium was startling in its size and shape. It was twice the size of an adult human and when he originally raised his head as it was looking to its right he could see that the back of its head cantilevered dramatically over the back of its neck. It had no hair, but where the position of a forehead hairline would be, was instead, a crease in its skull that ran around its entire head. The top of its head was flattened and where that surface met the curved sides of the head it formed a ridge or edge where the two dissimilar surfaces met. He noticed something about its eyes when it first turned to him when he moved. Its eyes were black and identical as it turned, but when it set its gaze on him its right eye caught the light differently than the left. He could actually see through the external membrane into the back of the eye. There was an area of vertical, silver striation that appeared to be part of its inner eye. Its expression never changed. It made no sound. It did not move. At some point, the “curtain of light” and the undulating tubes in the ceiling were gone. He never looked away, but he did not see them disappear. They were just gone.

Something appeared on the eyes of the creature. Again, though he did not avert his gaze he did not see it materialize. It was just there. It looked similar to “netting” but with a crude and randomly spaced and shaped weave. The color was light brown and both eyes were affected. This “netting” transformed from a narrow brown matrix to a much broader, crisp, gray and white, glossy material. The pattern remained the same but the appearance of the substance forming the pattern changed dramatically. He was staring into its eyes from five feet away and did not see the transition. He has no explanation for this. He lay back on the pillow, never breaking his gaze. He did not move. He doesn’t know if he was able but no part of him moved. He recalled having no sensation. He felt no fear. There was no sound. The creature displayed no alarm at him waking and showed no aggression. At some point the “curtain of light” and moving blue ceiling reappeared and increased dramatically in brightness, so quickly and so bright that he raised his head and had to squint his eyes to see. He was trying to see the true color of the creature through the blue and white light, which at this point, was swirling around the being. The “light curtain” still existed across the room but a “cyclone” of light encircled the creature. Myriad white and blue bolts of light created a sparkling cascade of “glitter” as they randomly crossed through each other, surrounding this being in a cocoon of sparking light. The room was brilliant with flashing and swirling blue and white light, enabling him to easily see detail of the creatures head. Its skin was not blue, but a very light gray mottled with purple. The color reminded him of how a human, exhibiting cyanosis, looks. There were vessels coursing across its face and head, some exceptionally large, primarily on its forehead. They were blue, with many easily visible bifurcations, and looked like the vessels we see on very pale humans. There was one especially large vein above its right eye that ran vertically; split at the skull crease, with the largest section running up onto the top of its head and a smaller, yet very prominent branch, running left laterally just below the crease. Despite the intense light being generated in the room he never saw this creature blink, yet its eyes remained as glossy as polished lacquer. It seemed to be emanating light and the “glitter” effect became almost blinding as the cyclonic swirls surrounding this creature increased in speed. There was no sound.

He has a clear memory of the creature being in the air, off the floor, encased in light, with its left side toward him. It is the only postural change that he remembers but he never saw it happen. He only remembers that it was in the air. He was looking right at it and did not see it rise. It somehow got in the air, surrounded by swirling light. The creature was still in its position at the foot of his bed, behind the “light curtain” (having never crossed through it) when the witness had a sudden awareness that his feet were almost touching the transparent vertical surface. He could feel that his heels were over the end of the mattress, but he could not move them. To this point he had felt no fear, only a sense of amazement and wonder. But suddenly, he was gripped with a sense of terror. It was immediate and crippling in its intensity. The creature did nothing that he could recall that would have prompted his fear. However his curiosity and sense of enchantment instantly turned to a feeling of impending doom. This is the point where he remembers sensing his body. He could physically feel and his emotion was hopelessness. It is the only time in his life that he knew something was about to happen to him and that the outcome was not only going to be dire, but he could not stop it. His arms moved and he rolled onto his left side. His eyes closed. He doesn’t know why. There was no sound. He thinks that he was lying there for about a minute. His eyes opened and he looked over his shoulder to where the creature stood. It was gone, as was the transparent “curtain”, and the blue light. He was disoriented, confused. He did not appear to be in his room and it was not as dark as it should be. The walls to his left and ahead of him were not where they should have been. They were both too far away. He sat up and did not recognize the room. The walls were not where they should be. The room was too big. He was dizzy and did not know where he was. He leaned back on his left arm, feeling like he was going to fall over. He was certain he was in his room and kept looking around trying to orient himself. The wall to his left and at the foot of the bed seemed to be moving away from him. He could not explain how in one instant he was conscious and lucid, and the next, groggy, disoriented, and weak. He fell onto his back and wondered why it was lighter than it should be. It appeared to be almost morning. Everything seemed different, foreign. His last thought was resignation that this must be his room.

He woke up in the morning. His memory of this event is disjointed and he cannot explain why. When he last saw the creature it was standing at the foot of his bed. He has a vivid, detailed memory of its face being so close to his that he could only see its right eye. Its face would have had to be almost touching his for this to have occurred. He never saw it move toward him. There was a time when a significant part of the bedroom ceiling appeared to be gone. Large undulating, blue tubes were where the ceiling should have been and their movement and height was well up beyond where the plane of the ceiling should have been. He failed to notice any relationship between that phenomenon and the display moving across the transparent panel. Like much of what happened that night, he may have been looking directly at it but did not see it happen. He has no explanation for those lapses.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.





Source: Joseph Stillwell

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