I felt hesitant sharing this story, due to ridicule and judgement, but I feel the need to share it now. I work in the logging industry in the closed to the public forest that belongs to the confederated Yakama native American tribe in Washington state. I am an enrolled member of the Yakama nation tribe. I have been logging for 21 years in the Yakama forest. During the winter of 2008, I drove to the woods around 4pm to operate our road grader to plow snow. We had roughly 4-5 inches of snowfall that day, so we have to keep the roads open at all times to maintain access to our logging areas. That was my job duties at the time. After I finished up fueling the machine which was parked at the 17 mile marker on the 159 rd, letting it warm up and thaw out, an elderly man in an older pickup truck pulled up. I walked to his truck and he said, “hey there. You look like you have a big truck that can pull. Some guys in a jeep are stuck at summit creek. You be able to go pull them out?” I agreed to go take a look. I got in my lifted Chevy Duramax and headed towards Summit Creek, which was roughly 8-9 miles away. About 2-3 miles from Summit Creek, an Isuzu trooper went flying past me with 2 male occupants, nearly running me off the road. I proceeded to head towards Summit Creek, only to find one set of tracks and a 20 foot area that had been shoveled out. The Isuzu trooper was clearly the “jeep” the elderly man had been referring to. I went to turn my pickup around on the Summit Creek hill, only to have the ice under the snow spin my truck out and have me slide down the hill backwards until I hit the deep ditch near the creek and nearly tip my truck over. I remember looking at the clock on my radio and it said 5:03 pm. I waited in the truck for over an hour, trying to get ahold of someone on our company 2 way radio or CB, but by 6:00 pm, nobody from any of the logging companies was still in the hills, they had all headed home for the weekend. We have no phone service in most areas of the hills, including the area I was at. It was dark at this point, and I had no flashlight. I just figured screw it, I can’t barely see the road, but I need to walk back to the grader and bring it back to my pickup to pull myself out.

I began walking at a fairly fast rate, and didn’t pay attention to anything but my feet so I could see where the tire ruts were in the snow. Quite some time passed, and I was about 3 miles from the grader at this point. After walking up the hill past the rocky top corner, I remember seeing the 14 marker that was spray painted on a pine tree. At that moment, I began to feel a weird sensation. I felt the pressure of something above me, and I noticed the road got darker, then so dark I couldn’t see anymore. My skin started to feel like it was static everywhere, 100X stronger than any static shock I had ever felt. Every single hair follicle on my body felt like it was being shocked, and my ears were popping very rapidly, almost in the way of how a car revs its motor, best way I can describe it. All of it was extremely painful. Then, the next thing I remember was my eyes were extremely blurry, so I rubbed them, and my entire face was wet coming from both sides of my eyes. My body felt really stiff and heavy, like I just got done swimming in cold ocean water all day, but I was warm. I felt extremely panicked, scared, and the most bizarre part, all I could think about was piano keys. I felt this obsessive urge that I needed to get something done, but I just couldn’t think of what it was I needed to do. I was very shook, and my body hurt everywhere, and I started speed walking in the direction of the grader. I went to check my phone, which was fully charged when I left my truck, and it was dead. I found that odd because I would grade roads for 16 hours some nights, and the battery would still have 30% battery when I ended my shift. I proceeded to keep walking and after a while I could see the lights of the road grader finally. I put the grader in 4th gear and headed back towards my truck. Once i got by the 14 marker, I felt like I was going to have a panic attack, but i just focused on the road and didn’t look left or right.

After a short time, I arrived to my truck. I put my truck in neutral, hooked my winch line to the grader, pulled myself out, and decided to leave the grader there and go home. I looked at my radio, and It said 5:39. I thought wtf, is it wrong? I had my phone hooked to the charger, turned it on once it had a little bit of charge, and it said 5:41 AM. How is this possible???? Nearly roughly 11.5 hours to walk 7-8 miles? There’s no way I was walking that slow! Then I started to think about what happened. Am I missing time? What was that and what happened to me?? These stupid piano keys i keep seeing in my mind, why? I know nothing about pianos! Over the next several months, I kept having pain all over my body. My nerves everywhere Just stung and the rest of the time they were really itchy. It was driving me nuts. One spot in particular on my back was really painful. Couple months later it had developed into a golf ball sized patch of shingles in that same spot. I don’t know how common it is for 27 year old to get shingles. Over the next couple years, I could just picture the piano keys in my mind, moving left to right. Over time it slowly went away. I don’t know what they mean, and I don’t what that invisible thing was that came over me and made every nerve ending on my body hurt, pop my ears, made me feel like I was missing time somehow. My health has been screwed up ever since, and is just getting worse. I’d like answers, but Id like my normal quality of life back even more. NOTE: The above image is CGI.