First off I never seen an actual object. I was 20 years old. I am 56 years old at the time of this writing (2023) So my parents owned 20 acres of land out in the Central Valley of California. Clovis California to be exact. Cross streets are Academy and Bullard near the Friant Kern Canal. Their home was south of the canal. The surrounding land was full of cattle. Today homes cover the area. A run-off (is how I would describe it) ran from the canal in a south western direction for about 200-250 yards behind our 20 acres. A large mound of dirt about 10ft high ran the length of the run-off on both sides. A couple of openings in the mounds of dirt existed on both sides. I would take my 22LR and walk the runoff looking for rabbits to shoot. There was about 4 feet of water always in this run-off and fish were seen swimming around. The Friant Kern Canal draws water from Millerton Lake which is located on the Fresno Madera County border. I hope this gives you a picture of the area. So one night in November of 1986 I exited the back screen door of my parents home and took a seat on one of those porch swings that sits two people. I was facing north and looking out over the 20 acres my parents owned.

I immediately noticed a bluish white light out in the direction of the canal runoff. It was very pretty. I first thought maybe it was from the vehicle of the owner who owned the land and she was checking on her cows. But this light wasn’t the color of headlights. In the 80s nobody owned blueish white headlights. The blue LED wasn’t invented until 1989 and didn’t appear on cars in the U.S until 2007. Besides this light was to large and glowed outwards and filled the sky in the shape of a dome. Then I thought maybe campers? But who would camp out there? I didn’t see any shadows like you would see if you were observing a campfire from a distance and the color was all wrong. I told myself that the next morning I would walk out to investigate the area. Nobody but my brother and I would ever go out there. We never seen anyone except the landowner on the property and she only went out in the day to drop off hay for her cows. She always allowed my brother and I to hunt on her land. She told us that if we see any coyotes to shoot them. They were nothing but pest and they had been bothering her chickens. So the next morning I woke up and completely forgot about the lights. I didn’t walk out to the runoff and investigate. I guess I wasn’t at all that interested in the light after all. Not until the next night when the lights were back. Same color same spot. I told myself that for sure I would head out in the morning and investigate. I always stayed up late and seeing as at the time I was in-between jobs I had nothing to get up early for. So I woke at around 10am and cooked up some egg sandwiches which I ate almost every morning.

My grandmother was in the kitchen with me. She lived with us since before I was born after my grandfather had past away. I remember she was watching her little T.V in the kitchen and “The Price is Right” was on. She always watched the “Price is Right” with Bob Barker. I sat and watched until the show was over and then went to get my rifle. I walked though the kitchen and out the back sliding glass door. I walked to our dog pen. We had 3 dogs. My sister had a female Germán Shepard. My brother had a male German Shepard. I owned a beautiful Golden Retriever. Her name was Sheena. Sheena was a very hyper dog. She was also a very larger female. Very strong. I talk about Sheena because she is pivotal in my encounter. I purchased her as a pup. She could sit in the palm of my hand when I brought her home. She slept in my bed and stayed indoors until she was big enough to handle herself around the other 2 older dogs. I went to the dog pen that was twice the size of the average backyard and let only Sheena out. I usually take the 3 together on a walk but on that morning I just wanted to spend my time on her. She was always seeking my attention. Jumping on me and getting angry when the other dogs would come around and ask for their own attention. A few years later she would jump on my grandmother and knock her down breaking her hip. All Sheena wanted was attention. Sheena lived to be 15 years old and had 3 sets of puppies with the Black Lab that lived just down the road. All her pups were black with a yellow diamond on their chest.

She was an amazing dog and she loved everyone especially me. After closing the gate to the dog pen Sheena and I took off towards the canal “run-off”. She would run ahead of me a few yards then come back to me jumping up and sticking her paws in my chest. No matter how much I scolded her she never listened. She wanted to just be near me. It didn’t take long to walk the 20 acres to a barbed wire fence that separated our land and the land of the cattle owner. Maybe 7 minutes? I jump over the fence and make my way to the “run-off “. The “run-off “is only about 150 yards away. The terrain slants downhill. In another couple of minutes I am standing just south of the dirt mound and a few feet away from one of the openings I described earlier. That’s when a fear hit me. It hit me out of nowhere. I found myself instantly scared. I have never been scared out there especially with a rifle in my hand. The hair on my neck stood up. My shoulders raised and my head sunk into my neck. I looked looked left then right then all around me. Something inside of me was telling me to run. I didn’t run but I walked quickly along the length of the “run-off” for about 20 yards looking behind me and up to the top of the dirt mounds. I had my finger on the trigger of my rifle but I was still terrified. I then turned south walked rapidly towards my parents property. About 75 yards later and feeling like I shouldn’t stop. I stopped anyways. I realized that Sheena was nowhere to be seen. One minuet she was there and the next she was gone. She would never leave me. It was impossible to get her away from me.

I scanned the area ahead and didn’t notice a sign of her. When I reluctantly looked behind me (I didn’t want to look behind me for some reason) I instantly spotted what I thought was a small child. Down near the opening in the dirt bank was a figure. I thought it was a boy of about 8 or 9 years old. I determined this because as we all know little boys have huge heads and thin bodies. The human head always grows faster then the rest of the body as the body is made to play catch up. When I looked closer I noticed the clothing wasn’t your typical blue jeans and a tee-shirt which was common in the 80’s. This figure was wearing all black. From feet to neck it was dressed in black. As I continued to stare, the large head of this small figure clearly appeared bald and the eyes were larger then expected. Very large. This wasn’t a little boy. There was something foreign about this thing. Something inside of me recognized this creature as not human. Something felt wrong. ( This was 1986 and Greys weren’t depicted in the media and the internet didn’t exist for the majority of us) That was when this big headed figure raised its right arm and seemed to wave at me. I wasn’t sure if it was a hello or a goodbye. I turned to look for Sheena again and when I turned back to the figure it was gone. I walked home quickly wondering why I didn’t I check out the run-off ? I also wondered where Sheena was ?

I felt ridiculous and unaccomplished. When I arrived home just a few minuets later I noticed Sheena was in the dog pen with the other dogs. I thought ” how did she get away from me and why is she already in the dog pen”? I entered the house through the back sliding door and passed through the kitchen. My grandmother was watching her shows. She loved her soaps. She was watching General Hospital. She loved that show. I know she was watching General Hospital because she always talked openly about it on occasion as if i cared. I asked her if she put Sheena in the dog pen and she said yes she did. Then asked ” Where have you been ? I reminded her that I had told her I was going to take a walk to the “run-off”. She responded ” Well you were gone a very long time”. I responded “I was only gone for about 15 minuets” . She just gave me an “OK” look and continued watching her show. When I entered my bedroom I put my rifle in the gun rack and then noticed the time. It was 1:10 pm. Something didn’t make sense. I was confused for a few seconds then chalked it up to “My clock must be off” I still visited the run-off plenty of times with my brother. I never felt strange or had any big headed alien flashbacks while I went out there. Every thing after that day seemed as normal as any other. It was if I forgot about the little figure and the “lost time”. Then about a year later something happed. One night while sleeping in my bedroom on my right side I woke suddenly.

I was facing the only window in my room. It was a 5ft by 5ft window that faced east on our property. It was a nice size window. I would actually open it up and use it as a door to head out into the back yard. When I opened my eyes I seen this blue light. The light emitted just outside my window. My first thought was the police. Blue light equals police. Then I thought what are the police doing outside my window? My window is in the back part of the house. The police car would have to be parked on the back lawn. Impossible. That’s when I felt something at the foot of my bed. I turned my head and looked to the footboard. A “Grey” as we now know them as was staring back at me. I noticed a huge head and big eyes. Its forehead seemed to shine in an oily way. It seemed as if it needed cleaning. I focused on its eyes. Its eyes opened wide as if surprised. I wasn’t scared. I was in awe. I wonder to this day if it was mimicking me or not. Did its eyes widened as If it was surprised that I woke and noticed it or it was mimicking my surprise that “it” was there? After it opened its eyes wider in “surprise” I apparently fell back to sleep. I woke the next morning and immediately looked towards my footboard. Obviously nobody was there. I started to look back at my childhood. I always had frightening dreams like most kids. But there was a dream that scared me more then any.

I was about 7 or 8. I was staring out a window looking down at a planet. I heard a voice say “That’s your planet” . The scary part was I felt like I was falling or about to fall out of the window. The planet seemed so huge and so close. It felt like if someone would hold you by your collar off a balcony 1000 stories high. II was 7 or 8. Why would I have this dream? That’s it. That’s all that i can remember. Before this I was never interested in stars and space . I couldn’t have cared any less about Star Wars and Star Trek. My father was a huge fan of Star Trek and Battle Star Galactica. I thought it was boring. Then everything changed. After the moments described above I found myself looking up at the stars. I became interested in everything ” outer space”. I started to research UFOS at the library. I went to Waldens Books to find anything on abductions and aliens. I found the book by Bud Hopkins and the cover scared the Hell out of me. I never started researching UFO’s and abductions until I was about 22 years old. NOTE: The above image is CGI.



U-TUBE KEN PFEIFER https://youtu.be/2pP0vw-nlpY