Tonight was an incredible night. It was a bit hazy in Las Vegas but it had no effect on three UFOs I caught over Sunrise Mountain on the eastern side of Las Vegas. When I first spotted them I thought it was possible that it was a large airplane coming into land but it was going the wrong direction and the three lights were not flashing and there were two fireball looking lights with a lighter one in between. As I was looking at them through my binoculars I realized rather quickly that these lights had nothing to do with an airplane because there were no red and green lights and they continuously changed positions and eventually spread out from one another. They moved very slowly towards Nellis Air Force Base which happens to be very close to Sunrise Mountain. As they slowly moved they began to go lower and lower. I had to move the cameras several times because a chimney on a neighbor’s home was in the way and then they got so low I had to put the night vision camera up on three upsides down ceramic plant pots. It got to the point where the camcorder was useless because they were so low I could no longer see them so the night vision camera actually got more video than the camcorder did. What was most amazing of all is that this was something new. I had never filmed UFOs before where I began to film them and because of where they ended up. When I finally turned the night vision camera off at least two of the three had stopped in the exact spot where I get so much video from the Air Force Base.

This was the first time I have ever filmed them coming in from that height and location. I am publishing a full-length, combined version of these two videos (Camcorder and Night Vision) because I haven’t done so in the past. The point in publishing both of these at actual speed is that I filmed these three incredible UFOs with two completely different cameras over a period of about seventeen minutes. I keep hearing from people (so-called experts) that everything I film is airplanes, helicopters or cars coming down a mountain road or trail. The very same people say they are not experts on what a UFO looks like on a video and they don’t have any UFO videos of their own but in the next breath, they boldly say that I am filming cars and airplanes. Which is it? Are they or aren’t they experts? You can’t have it both ways. Either you are an expert or you’re not. Sorry for sounding grumpy but it gets pretty old after more than four years of spending countless hours outside at night watching for anything strange that happens in the sky and even on the ground or just above it. I have never, as a matter of factly, boldly claimed the objects in my videos are anything but UFOs and amazing technology.

KENS NOTE:  I was able to extract two images from the video.