During the second part of the night of November 1 to the morning of November 2 of 1968 Dr. X, was sleeping in his room when he was awakened by his son’s calls (he was not crying). Seeing his wife was still asleep, the Doctor rose up with some difficulty without turning on the light, and crossed the corridor from one room to the other. At that point, he became aware, although not paying attention to it, that a storm seemed imminent. He found his son standing up in his crib exclaiming and pointing very excitedly towards the window. The window blinds were of the solid kind and closed, but the small openings at the top and sides allowed the doctor to see the intermittent light of what he at first assumed to be flashes of lightning. While he was switching on the room light, it seemed like there was a mighty wind blowing above the house, while the rain whipped against the walls, the tiles, and the blinds.  Curious about those flashes of light The Doctor decide to investigate their source. Looking through one of the windows he saw what appeared to be two identical luminous objects, the one on the right seeming to be a little smaller and slightly above and behind the other one. Initially the Doctor was under the impression of being either two cigars or two circular objects seen in profile. Each object consists of two superimposed parts that are markedly symmetrical throughout their horizontal extent, the upper portion appearing perhaps to be thicker. The colour of the upper part appears to be a luminous silvery white, but much less so than the full moon. The colour of the under part is a deep sunset red, brighter at the top than at the bottom. No structure can be distinguished in either the white or the red portion. No variations either.

He can distinguish some vertical antennas on them.  They seem to be as the same colour and the same luminosity as the upper parts of the objects. The length is apparently equal to the thickness of the object. The bases of these two antennae are thicker than their upper part. The two other horizontal antennae seems to be of the same colour and brightness and apparently of the same length. However this horizontal antennae are more slender and do not appear to be thicker out at the base. They are seen as a silhouette in the red portion of each object and extend beyond it slightly. Their bases are located at the junction point where the red and the white parts meet. They are parallel and pointing slightly towards the left of the witness. At this moment only one horizontal “antenna” is visible on each object, any other possible “antennae” being hidden by the objects.  The lower centre part of each object is emitting a vertical cylindrical white shaft of light – brighter throughout its whole extent than the witness could have expected from a simple beam of light – which, as it passes through it, illuminates the thin storm mist hanging in the valley.  The source of the two beams of light is not discernible at that point. The two objects display in unison a cyclic luminous activity of a periodicity that is perceived to be about equal to one second. It begins with white flashes that give the witness the impression that they are “entering” through their external antennae, then another flash shoots out between the two objects, linking the tip of their horizontal antennas. The Doctor felt a strong impression that the flash shooting out between the two objects is a consequence of the external flashes, He says: “It seemed to me that the two objects were sucking in the atmospheric electricity and that I could see it entering through the antennae and then exploding between the two objects, the whole thing producing one single glow of light.”  The flashes are white, not dazzling, and are silent. The form they take is a slight prolongation of the antennae in a straight line, without any spreading, and with a slight trembling movement. Their intensity is the same as the intensity of the vertical beams of light.


At the beginning of the sighting, the two objects were moving as one unit towards the left, at the same time approaching slightly nearer to the Doctor. The two objects continue their movement in the same direction and at the same apparent speed. Then the two objects perform a rotation on their axes, the witness now discovers that the external horizontal antennae are performing the same luminous “absorption”activity as the inner antennae, They seem to lie on one single straight line which appears to be parallel to the trajectory of the two objects seen by the witness. Now located side by side, the Doctor described the objects of identical size, and presenting their horizontal antennae symmetrically. At the same time, the sources of the light beams become visible on the lower surfaces of the objects: it is a sort of protuberance of the same red colour as the lower surface, but of a darker shade. The two objects commence a new manoeuvre that consists in drawing near to each other increasing their the luminous activity. At this moment the witness observes that the lower spotlights of the beams are approaching each other, then they interpenetrate each other and become only one spotlight. For a brief instant afterwards, the inner antennae touch, and at once all the luminous activity ceases on all the antennae, which however remain luminous.  Darkness falls once more over the countryside. Meanwhile the two objects continue to draw closer to each other. The inner antennae interpenetrate each other and then disappear entirely when the two objects come into contact. There is now only one object, absolutely identical with the two antecedent objects except for one detail … at the precise moment of their complete unification, Dr. X sees for the first time “something that is moving” in the red (lower) portion of the object.

At the same time, the leftward movement stops, and the object begins to come straight towards the witness, growing rapidly in size, while the light-beam cuts a straight path across the plain towards the house, and the moving structures of the red portion appear more and more clearly visible. The object grows in size until it is enormous. Around the light-beam, its light and the light from the object dimly light up the houses and the trees. When it halts, the lateral antennae are seen as precise prolongations of the juncture points of the two portions, upper and lower, ”like a chicken on a spit”. The white upper part presents nothing singular as regards either colour or brightness. The upper antenna is merely an extension upwards. The device from which the cylindrical light-beam shone out had the appearance of a ringed corona, on which Dr. X is able to count, bounded by black lines, six sections on the side that is visible. These sections appear with the distortion due to perspective, wide in the centre and narrowing towards the edges. But it is the domed red (lower) part that presented the most impressive features. This part was also divided into ”sections” but, it seems, in violation of the laws of perspective. Of the eleven visible sections five (the paired sections) were traversed from top to bottom in about four seconds by a dark horizontal line “like the lines that move across a TV screen when you are adjusting it”. The moving line descending cyclically appeared like an intense deepening of the colour, with shading off on each side. The witness was unable to detect any coordination between the respective movements of the five lines. It merely seemed to him that when one line was disappearing towards the bottom, another one was appearing above. All the red portion of the object gave the impression of incandescent metal or of internal lighting.

Although all this animation of the red portion seems to have occurred in violation of the laws of perspective, the vertical bands were wider towards the centre, right opposite the witness. The activity in the red portion lasts for a period that the witness is unable to estimate subjectively, for he is obsessed with the movements of the horizontal lines. Meanwhile, after a period of time which seems long to him and during which the object remains totally immobile, he sees the spotlight move towards him, slowly at first, over a distance of a few metres, lighting up one by one the telephone poles and reaching the top pole.  This movement of the spotlight was the result, not of the objects having come nearer, but of a rotation around the axis formed by the two horizontal antennae, which rotation tipped the upper part of the object towards the valley and revealed progressively more and more of the lower surface. Suddenly the rotation speeded up in an astonishing fashion and the doctor was hit by the light beam, which shone all over him as well as probably over the whole front of the house. The total duration of the rotation was brief – of the order of a second. Meanwhile, Dr. X had sufficient time to observe the lower surface of the object, which appeared to be circular and divided into radial sections. He does not remember whether the movement of the lines was still visible in the sections. He had the impression that the corona from which the beam of light emerged was growing wider towards the periphery as the object tipped. During the tipping, the witness was frightened, and at the moment when the light-beam reached him he instinctively covered his face by a reflex action.

At the moment when the object was presenting its lower surface vertically, there was heard the first sound since the beginning of the sighting, namely a sort of “bang” while, according to Dr. X , “the object dematerialized”, leaving behind nothing but a cloudy, whitish, fleecy shape which at once disintegrated and was borne away eastwards by the wind. At the same time there came, from the centre of the space occupied up till then by the object, a sort of very luminous, fine, white, straight thread, which shot out vertically in a fraction of a second towards the sky and vanished there, forming, apparently at a height of several hundred metres, a small white shining dot which itself then vanished with the noise of a firework. The darkness having returned to the valley, the witness experienced a nervous breakdown. Deeply shaken, he immediately went back in the house and went to the previously-mentioned clock to see the time: it is 4.05 a.m. Ten minutes have elapsed since his first visit to the kitchen. He gets a notepad and writes down the details of his sighting along with sketches. Then he awakens his wife and tells her what he has seen. Both are very deeply moved. Suddenly Mrs. X cries: “Your leg!” And, in fact, Dr. X, who is walking to and fro, talking excitedly, no longer limps, and has completely forgotten his leg injury that was produced recently while chopping wood. Dumbfounded, he turns up the pyjama trouser-leg: the wound is healed and the swelling has disappeared along with the pain – never to return.

Dr. X and his wife discuss the incident for half an hour and then go back to bed. Ten minutes after he has fallen asleep again, Dr. X starts talking in his sleep – something that has never happened to him in his life before. Disturbed, his wife listens for a while and then finding that what he is saying relates to the phenomenon seen by him, she turns on the light and takes notes. She puts down this statement: “Contact will be re-established by falling down the stairs on November 2nd.” At about 7:00 a.m. the doctor stops talking. Mrs. X turns out the light and goes to sleep. She awakens again at about 10.00 a.m. and, seeing that her husband is still sleeping, she gets up without waking him. He sleeps on until 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

The mysterious triangular mark

In the days that follow, the doctor is under the impression that the wounds inflicted during his service in the Algerian War (which had remained unchanged for ten years) have completely healed. The nervous breakdown and the distress that had followed the events of November 2 are however so painful that he feels ill and cannot be sure of their disappearance.  He has lost weight and his features show great wear.  That same day, cramps and pains appear in the umbilical region. They persist, more or less acute, throughout the following week. On the evening of November 17, he begins to feel an itching and tingling around his navel, and a red cutaneous pigmentation of striated appearance develops. By midday on November 18, this pigmentation has assumed its final form, namely the shape of a perfectly geometrical isosceles triangle with a well-defined perimeter, measuring 17 cm. on the base and 14-15 cm. along the sides. At the same time the pains, itching and tingling cease suddenly and entirely. More and more worried about this preposterous phenomenon, the doctor and his wife telephone French ufo investigator Aimé Michel. This triangle certainly has no known precedent in the annals of Ufology, but he is reminded of the cases of irradiation reported on several occasions, and advises him to have a thorough medical examination. This is done, that same day. The medical examination is negative: the dermatologist can find no explanation for the phenomenon, which he considers so astonishing that he wants to make a report about it to the Academy of Medicine. Dr. X is little inclined to such publicity. Curiously, the next day, he calls Aimé Michel again, and says: “I think we must discard the psychosomatic explanation because the same triangle appeared last night on the stomach of my son. It is exactly like mine and located in just the same place. It doesn’t seem to be painful, for the child pays no attention to it.  It’s important to point out that similar objects to the one described by “Dr. X” were seen in Spain on the same day and on the previous evening, and then again on December 7 in Morocco and on December 9.

Photographs of the strange triangular marks experienced by Dr. X and his son.