Back in 2001. 10:30 in the evening, I went out to start the barbecue. I’m adjacent to a large field behind me and I turned around and looked out in the field and I thought it was a large blimp crashing in my field. And I thought no that can’t be crashing because its all lit up. Somebody’s gone to the bother to put all these light-alls blinking at it. Then I realized, there’s nobody out in that field. And this thing’s only like a hundred feet away. Maybe 150 feet up in the air and the size of a blimp. I watched this thing cruise to the middle of the field for about 10 minutes. And it just disappeared. Well, I was doing the deer stance while this was happening. When it disappeared, I walked to the edge of the fence to see… where the hell did this thing go? After a few minutes I gave up looking and turned around to walk back to the house. It’s now on top of the neighbor’s house and the other neighbor’s house. And then the neighbor’s house across the road and the funny thing about it is, it was so bright that I should have been able to see my shadow. Yet when I had my back to it, I saw nothing. Not a thing. So it was a different kind of light. So I went into the house. I started going into shock. I picked up the cordless phone, I’m pacing. I’m thinking, I gotta call somebody. So I said, okay, call the cops. What do I tell them? What do you tell them? I didn’t know. So then I’m thinking, Okay, call somebody else. Call the government. Call the church. Call somebody


. After about 5 minutes of pacing and not pushing any numbers, I heard the roar of jets. It was either one jet or two jets. One that either circled or two that just did the flyby because the decibels just went up. And I hung up the phone. I said, Thank God I don’t have to call anybody because I didn’t know what to tell them. (Jimmy asks if he saw the jets) No, I was inside at that time but I felt them. You know when a jet passes over. They don’t have mufflers. They missed it by about ten minutes because I watched this thing do the zoom off thing that everybody talks about where it goes from zero to whatever miles per hour. I mentally counted, 1.5 seconds this thing was the size of a blimp and you now how big a blimp is, it was the size of a star in 1.5 seconds and then gone. I talked to the next next door neighbor, he said, No, I didn’t see it but you know what he said to me? He goes, I seen one up north. My jaw dropped and I walked away. I came to him later and said, I’m sorry for walking away but this thing is freaking me out. It took me a couple of years to even talk about it. (Jimmy asks where it happened) Thornhill is just on the border of Toronto. 30 minute drive to get to the lake. I asked around to neighbors. I asked the one neighbor and I asked the other neighbor who just kinda thought I was crazy. I had to ask, right. And I’m going, how come nobody seen it? Like how did they…. what are the jets doing here? Somebody must have called or they got it on radar. I was thinking, Okay, if they didn’t see it, it’s because when I was standing with my back to like behind it… imagine the biggest light bulb in the world, you’re gonna see the whole area light up. It wasn’t doing that. The light was there but it wasn’t lighting up the surrounding area and I’m thinking, Okay, it could be right at your window and unless you’re looking at your window, you wouldn’t know.”  NOTE: The above image is CGI.

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