MAY 28, 1965………….Townsville, North Queensland, Australia

May 28, 1965 – 3:25 a.m. local time – Duration 10-15 minutes – Aircraft Ansett-A.N.A. DC-6B – Photos Confiscated

The pilot and aircrew of an Ansett-A.N.A. DC-6B (call sign VH-INH) was en route from Brisbane, Australia, to Port Moresby, New Guinea.

The pilot called Townsville Ground Control and spoke to operator William Orr, informing him that his aircraft was being buzzed by a UFO.

The pilot gave his position as above or abreast of Bougainville Reef. The object was a flattened sphere with what looked like exhaust gases coming from it. It paced the airliner for 10-15 minutes, then accelerated and raced ahead and out of sight.

Photographs were taken during the sighting. The pilot was diverted back to Brisbane and from there flown to Canberra where the film was taken from him and we were told he was instructed to tell no person of this incident.

The audiotapes of air traffic control transmissions at Townsville also were confiscated. Some days after this air traffic controller Orr was told to “shut his mouth” about the incident, with the added threat that if he didn’t he might be dismissed by the Department of Civil Aviation.


“At 3.25 am, May 27, 1965, a UFO paced an airliner for ten minutes over Bougainville Reef off North Queensland. I do remember the incident well. It was unofficially named the Bougainville Reef sighting. It’s all documented.

“What happened?”

“It’s an incredible story to say the least. The Federal Government went to great lengths in attempting to cover it all up and really carried on like bloody amateurs. It was too large to suppress, with too many witnesses, and to this day I cannot believe why they didn’t come straight out and admit the facts, without going on with all the nonsense they embarked upon with their incompetent opinions.”

“Just to give you an indication of how vital the circumstances of this matter were, in 1967 Dr. James McDonald, a professor in the Department of Meteorology from the University of Arizona in the United States, and senior physicist in the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, came to Australia to investigate this matter as well as other Australian sightings, including the Papua sighting I have already spoken about.

“He was without doubt, just about the top authority on this subject in the United States. Now, what about him for a person of impeccable credibility and unimpeachable character? Makes you think doesn’t it?”

“Okay, I’ll go along with that. What was the result of his trip to Australia?”

Carter sat up. He leaned forward and began to tap and bounce his pencil on the desk. “Bougainville Reef is about 260 kilometres east of Cooktown, and details of this sighting were not made available until the arrival of Professor McDonald from America.

Anyhow this is what I became aware of. The Captain of a DC6 airliner, which I think was a DC6 chartered by TAA from Ansett, or vice versa, I’m not too sure now, but it was one or the other. The Captain described a ’round-shaped object’ flying parallel to them for ten to fifteen minutes, in a radio message to Air Traffic Control at Townsville.

The radio message was tape recorded on flight control tapes at Townsville. At the time, a man named Bill Orr was the control officer. Other members of the plane crew sighted and witnessed this object, and each of them spoke, and was taped, to confirm what they were witnessing.”

The Captain advised the Townsville control tower that he was taking photographs of the saucer (which were confiscated), which continually buzzed his aircraft and letting off what the Captain thought to be red exhaust gases. Of course all of this conversation to the Townsville Air Traffic control officer was being recorded on tape.”

“Where was the DC6 travelling to?”

“From Sydney to Port Moresby. Looking back, I can now recall that when the pilot arrived back in Brisbane, he was immediately flown down here to Canberra, where he was quizzed as to what he had seen. Our Government authorities also seized the flight control tapes from the Townsville aerodrome with conversations about this incident. The Captain’s camera and films were also confiscated and the entire crew, after being questioned, were warned of a penalty of immediate dismissal if they spoke to anyone about this incident.”

“So what was the final outcome?”

“Well, things became a bit embarrassing for the Government when Professor McDonald arrived in Brisbane on the 9th of June 1967 to look into this matter, to say nothing of the media getting into the act with headlines such as “Why the secrecy?” Professor McDonald had been well informed, and from some source he and his investigators tracked down one of the retired air hostesses who had been a crew member that night. She confirmed without doubt what had occurred. NOTE” The above image is CGI.