JULY 21,2023 ……………………….ONONDEGA NEW YORK

The main reason I am reaching out is to see if you can connect me to a regression psychotherapist, so that they can work with me to figure out if this was a real, repressed encounter with a grey with more details or just a dream. I saw in many UFO encounters from decades ago that many experiencers had this kind of support but I’m not sure how to get that support today in 2023. I believe this may have been a 2 part experience. Drugs were involved in the first event, and normally I would discount that and not say its related to the 2nd event of seeing the grey months later, the presence of the so-called Chinese weather balloon and the 3 UFOs shot down between February 4th – February 12th makes me think there may be some connection: ***FEB 4TH INCIDENT*** I am not a regular drug addict or user at all. I took what my wife bought, which I thought to be a CBD gummy, which turned out to be a high-dose THC gummy.

It started to give me a great sense of panic and chest pain and eventually I was taken to the hospital by an ambulance (privately funded company). The most important things to note during the ambulance ride and the hospital that may relate to the abduction is: -Strong disconnect from human beings, felt like I was connected to something higher -Sensation that this entire reality did not matter and that I almost passed on to the next world which is the more important and more real one, and I had an intense sensation of comfort and reassurance that everything will be okay (more than any of the human ambulance attendants could give me, they were cold and disconnected from me) -I had a “Delusion” that I was taken into a secret facility, not a hospital -For some reason I thought this facility was extremely opposed to China and I began to yell, “China’s gonna get you all!” -One of the EMTs said “China’s not gonna get us. We shot down their weather balloon today”.

This made me go completely quiet, because I did not know it was shot down that day until then, it must have just been posted on the news. That sums up my experience from that day on February 4th. I did not recall any encounter with a grey directly on that day, but due to the 3 UFOs shot down in the days following February 4th which the US has given no explanation about, I have a strong sense of intuition that this day is connected to my grey encounter somehow. **FEB 4th CONCLUSION*** For a solid week after this experience, I had this increased sense of connection and love for all my fellow human beings. However, any time a human got angry about something, it was like I could not understand it. I did not think they were being serious, I thought they were being pretend angry, because I just could not process how a human could be angry. Seeing them angry made me laugh as the most common reaction, particularly when engaging with people on the internet in online games where they commonly get quite angry.

My playstyle in online games became much more novel with people often saying, “What kind of strategy is that, you’re so weird dude”. So I think I have had some increase in creative/strategic thinking atypical of humans since they observe me to be different. The timing of this was incredible, because I felt like this was a gift given to me to help me deal with pet loss. On February 13th, I had to put down my dog which had a year-long battle with epilepsy which I tried intensely to treat him, but eventually the medicine that was fighting his seizures caused his liver to fail and I had to euthanize him. I think without this incident helping me, I would have been destroyed by my pet’s death. Instead, I got through it with great strength, comfort in knowing my dog was going to a good place after death, and a focused mind that did not think of the pain of loss but a focus on the good life I gave me dog that others may not have put in the effort to do for such a sick animal.

***JULY 23RD INCIDENT** I had a dream I saw a grey and it was terrifying. My initial impression that I journaled after I woke up was, “These things are pure evil, 100% pure evil. It had a tiny smile, very sinister like it was enjoying messing with me.” However, I later came to wonder if that was my own anxiety that twisted and made me fear the grey in this way and perceive its smile to be evil. I had severe chest pain that I actually woke up from and my chest still hurt 24 hours later. I do suffer from anxiety, and this is not a new experience as I have on occasion woken up from a nightmare with a burst of chest pain, but this was more intense than any other I’ve had from a nightmare. I did have a 2nd dream when I went back to sleep, where I was back living with my parents, and I told them about the alien dream. Then, my mother’s face “morphed into half-alien”. This frightened and disturbed me. It was almost as if this was a message from the grey, either it was just messing with me and scaring me, or it was saying, “This is what humans really are. Half-alien. Even your mother.” NOTE: The above image is CGI.



U-TUBE KEN PFEIFER https://youtu.be/2pP0vw-nlpY