Does alien abductions and sleep paralysis relate to lucid dreams.  It was Dr Stephen LaBerge, a leading lucid dream researcher, who famously pointed out that sleep paralysis is not something to be feared, but to be encouraged and embraced and used as a stepping stone to the world of lucid dreams.  The main reason sleep paralysis is so scary is because people don’t understand what’s happening.  They may think they are dying, passing into the afterlife, going to hell – and, yep, even being abducted by aliens.  So now that you know the biological explanation for sleep paralysis, is it really as scary?  You are primed with knowledge that – while the paralysis is genuine – it is a safe and natural mechanism, created to protect your dream sleep.  And while any hallucinations may be disturbing, they are no more real than a vivid nightmare.  What’s more, you can control the outcome of these hallucinations. Much like a lucid dreamer controls the outcome of his dreams.  Instead of allowing fear to take over your thoughts, flood your mind with warm and positive emotions – like love and happiness.  Sounds cheesy? Absolutely.  But it will stop the intruder in its tracks.  Then imagine yourself entering a beautiful dreamscape. Perhaps a beach or mountain top. You will suddenly arrive there – and quite possibly convert the experience into a vivid lucid dream.  No complaints there.


Final Thoughts

So in conclusion:

  • believe that aliens exist!
  • believe that it’s certainly possible they may have visited and potentially even abducted a few individuals
  • but don’t believe they are responsible for at least 99.999% of reported abduction experiences. That will be sleep paralysis and cultural imagery at work!

I hope you think my conclusions are reasonable!  As explorers of the sleep-wake border, we are more prone to encountering sleep paralysis from time to time.

This is not a bad thing!  As experts point out, your beliefs and attitudes to sleep paralysis directly affect the outcome.  Bring your fear along and it will predictably turn into your worst nightmare.  Bring peace and courage, and you will turn it into incredible lucid dreams and unimaginable states of bliss. This too, can apply to the alien abduction experience.


KENS NOTE: I have been a lucid dreamer for over 40 years.  At first it was exciting because I could do whatever I wanted and not get hurt doing it.  I usually fly when lucid dreaming but its just like the matrix.  You can do anything if you put your mind to it and experiment with the sensation.  Chocolate covered cherry’s or the liquid chocolate covered cherries, you find in the pharmacy, give me very erotic dreams but anything with a red dye in it, say cherry juice or soda givers me terrible nightmares.  The lucid dreams only last about 20seconds but there are techniques on the internet that may prolong the sensation.  I am at the point where I just want to drift back into the dream I am having .  I like to get rest when I sleep and not have a James Bond life style because it can be exhausting.  My wife just head her first lucid dream last month. Only lasted a couple seconds because she said in her dream ” I must be dreaming “.  This is the start to a new sensation when sleeping.





SPECIAL THANKS TO  Chris Hammond    Editor-in-chief World of Lucid Dreaming