I’m just glad that there were other witnesses to this event. Me and my sister were sitting at the kitchen table at about 1 am we heard a loud thump at the front of the trailer went and looked thinking maybe something had fallen or something but nothing was out of place. About an hour later we heard the same exact thump at the opposite end of the trailer, again we inspected and nothing was out of place. At that point we thought that maybe someone was outside messing with us. So we went outside and looked but all was silent and no one was around. We went back inside and just brushed it off. At about 3 am we were sitting at the kitchen table talking when we heard an extremely load roaring sound and feeling the vibrations. My sister looked out the window and said “oh my god it’s a UFO”. Immediately I start screaming.  Then my sister started screaming also. All the screaming had awoken my youngest nephew who was sleeping in the back bedroom, who was around 10 or 11 months old at the time. My oldest nephew who was close to 3 at the time did not wake up the whole time which is very strange because he was sleeping on the couch and we were practically screaming in his ear. Anyways I just wanted to get the heck out of there and try to stop whatever was going to happen. My instincts led me to run and grab my youngest nephew because he was screaming. I was terrified but I couldn’t just leave him. So I ran out the back door with him in my arms but waited for my sister, which was only seconds but felt like a lifetime.  As I stood there the UFO was right above me roaring the whole time but with no wind heat or anything but the noise. It was so low I could have hit it with a rock just by tossing it. When my sister finally came out she was alone and I said  your other kid so she did.  She later explained that she felt that the children were in no danger that “they” were there for us.

As she went back inside I ran to the next door neighbors’ house and started beating on the door and yelling for him to wake up.  I even tried opening and kicking the door in because I was so scared. My sister or I had no phone that’s why I went to the neighbor. All the while the UFO  was just hovering still roaring very loudly. When my sister came out carrying her other child we ran to our parents house that was a few doors down because the neighbor never did come to the door.   I kicked my parents door in and ran to their bedroom woke them up and told them what was happening and my mom asked if we had taken LSD  which was not the case. So I went to the phone and dialed 911 and hung up because I knew they probably wouldn’t believe my story. Finally the police showed up and tried to say it was an airplane that they saw serial numbers on it which I know better. One of the officers said it was heading to a nearby airport but when I mentioned the thumps we heard the one officer seemed spooked and asked us about it then the other cop shushed him. I told the one officer to take me to that airport and show me because I knew he was full of crap. He threatened to take me to jail for ” false” use of 911. If a UFO that loud and flying that low  an emergency then what is?   I know the cops had to have seen what we saw by the way they acted and I am 99 percent sure there are police records to prove my claims. The craft that we saw that night was triangle shaped with a yellowish light in each corner. Dullish black in color about 100 to 150 feet on each side. Some sort of dullish black dome on top. And about 8 to 10 feet tall. It emitted no wind or heat but did make a very loud roaring sound the whole time. It would take an incredible amount of energy for something that size to just sit stationary.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.