UFO is anything that is not explainable readily and that it appears to move through or at least is suspended in the air, used primarily to refer to the objects that seem to be of small yet familiar aircraft size. While most people believe that UFO is just a fictional character, they cannot deny the fact that there are too many people who witnessed them. Recently, two workers worked at the beach. These workers have claimed to have seen odd objects entering in the Wilsthorpe Beach, nearby the Bridlington in East Yorkshire. Paul Sinclair, the Paranormal investigator shares this story called the Wilsthorpe incident, which has been branded as the Britain’s latest Roswell owing to the mysterious military activity that is seemingly connected to the alien sightings. According to him, the two men were working at the bait shop nearby Bridlington Harbour when it occurred.

The two workers were at the Wilsthorpe digging during a high tide. It was a place where the bait shop owner told Mr Sinclair that they had reported seeing various bizarre triangles entering into the sea. Later on, they were surrounded by armed soldiers who asked them what they were doing and where they were going. They were being interrogated and were a bit off with them. However, one soldier threatened to arrest them if they are going somewhere. The bizarre claims of these two workers concerned the night of September 14, 2009, when the woman went to turn off the lights to sleep, and she saw a glow outside. Before she opened the front door to see what it was, the latter saw glowing several unidentified objects above the coast. It remained for half an hour. Next day, two helicopters full of RAF staffs landed at the beach.

Mr Sinclair submitted to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) a Freedom of Information request to know why the military operations took place on September 15. However, “routine military exercise” were the reasons for such operations. However, Mr Sinclair continues to investigate the case since he believes that such operation is connected to a UFO activity.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.








Florida has a U.S. senator who once flew aboard the Space Shuttle.
A congressional candidate from Miami can go one better: Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera says she’s been aboard a spaceship too. But this one was crewed by aliens. As in extraterrestrials.  Three blond, big-bodied beings — two females, one male — visited her when she was 7 years old and have communicated telepathically with her several times in her life, she says. (Sen. Bill Nelson served as payload officer aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1986. All seven people aboard were from Earth. As far as is known.)  Rodriguez Aguilera, 59, a Republican who is running to replace retiring Miami Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, recounted her experience with the ETs during a 2009 television interview.

She described “going up” inside the spaceship — though whether it went into space or just hovered around town was left unclear.

“I went in. There were some round seats that were there, and some quartz rocks that controlled the ship — not like airplanes,” Rodriguez Aguilera said.

In two separate videos posted to YouTube years ago, one by local Spanish-language station America TeVe and another by a political critic with the user name DoralGirl26, Rodriguez Aguilera spoke on television in detail about her extraterrestrial experiences. She said the alien beings reminded her of the famous statue in Rio de Janeiro, Christ the Redeemer, with arms outstretched.

The Miami Herald asked Rodriguez Aguilera about her experiences Friday. She responded with a statement that waxed astronomical, but sadly failed to mention close encounters of any kind.

“For years people, including Presidents like Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter and astronauts have publicly claimed to have seen unidentified flying objects and scientists like Stephen Hawking and institutions like the Vatican have stated that there are billions of galaxies in the universe and we are probably not alone,” she said. “I personally am a Christian and have a strong belief in God, I join the majority of Americans who believe that there must be intelligent life in the billions of planets and galaxies in the universe.”

Rodriguez Aguilera was a Doral councilwoman from 2012-14 and served as the city’s first economic developer. She works as an entrepreneur and has taught leadership seminars at local universities.

She declared her candidacy in late August and raised about $10,000 during the most recent fundraising quarter, she said — a paltry amount she attributed to halting her campaign during Hurricane Irma.

Rodriguez Aguilera’s daughter is former Republican National Committee Hispanic outreach director Bettina Inclán Agen. Her son-in-law, Jarrod Agen, is Vice President Mike Pence’s deputy chief of staff.

Miami attorney Rick Yabor, a frequent political commentator in Spanish-language media, said Friday that Rodriguez Aguilera’s account could hurt her congressional campaign. “Being a politician, to come out and say that, it’s odd,” Yabor said. “She got into details that are not very mainstream. Someone who’s running for Congress — you’ve got to raise a lot of money. A donor might have second thoughts.