Hello, I lived in Ventnor NJ up till 2 nights ago. For the past 5 months something has been going on in the area of Ventnor, Margate, and AC NJ. As crazy as this sounds, I believe my son and I had been abducted by aliens.  My son’s memory was wiped. Thursday night 12/1/22 He came into my room saying he couldn’t breathe he looked scared, and he’s never looked like that. Friday 12/2/22 he was spacey and looked off. Kept pulling on his ear because that how they tell you to listen to them. I couldn’t understand what was going on with him he was missing things he should know that whole week. I just felt something way off. Then I took my son to the hospital on 12/14/22 because he came home talking about space missions, Atlantis lost city, voices in his head told him to break my mom’s crystal glass. I tell my son I love him just about every half hr and we just have a strong bond. He asked me during that “off week” why I say I love him. He’s 8 yrs old and never asked me that.

He knows why I love him so much and never questioned my love for him. My son started hitting himself saying they had control over his body. In the hospital I sang him a song that he made up for me as a toddler and the Dr. saw him starting to bang his head and the metal bar of the bed. I had the same thing they wanted me to move out of the area because we figured it out that it’s just not us. I did research and then looked at my pictures and it explains all of this. So, I took my son and I to a shelter and they still have not left him.  My son told me that his school friends are no longer the same. His best friend didn’t even know his mother’s name. I can understand kids changing, but this was in one day! My son told me he was abducted, and I believe I was as well. We have weird dreams and we both remember the night we were taking. I woke up in a puddle of water. I couldn’t understand why. My mom doesn’t understand any of this and she became mean and she’s normally not like that.

She kicked us out telling us she would never do that, told me to go live with my father who she knows I have not spoken to for 5 months. and before those 3 years. I have pictures of the aliens and can show proof. I did the right thing and took my son to the hospital. I thought it was weird that they chucked it up to a TV episode of gravity falls. They can chalk it up to a TV show all they want but I’ve never seen it and I see those kids and how different they are. The Aliens told my son that they will kill him if he and I talk. They keep showing him an image of a gun in his head. They told me they are doing an experiment in Ventnor, Margate, and AC. I have friends who live AC NJ. People are jumping off buildings at an alarming rate! Hotels and homes. I understand the holiday season but it’s truly not that. She also told me that she’s been stockpiling because yawl told her WWIII is coming. I believe it, but with the aliens.  My son came home and told me that his friends on the bus are VERY different as well and people in school are forgetting things.

My son didn’t know who my sister was. She died 2 years ago. I keep a collage of her, I and him in my room. He told me he had no idea who she was! He sees the pictures and has no clue where they were taking. I think you are the only people who can try to say that area. It’s the cops, Doctors, nurses, normal people everyone is VERY different. These things are not nice.  They keep dangling carrots for you to trust them and to make people believe they will help you, but they don’t. They make your life a living hell. I’m done, not talking about it. It’s been far too long, and these 3 towns need help.  I have many pictures to show. I used to go take pictures of the sunsets and took some great pictures then I started noticing Aliens in the pictures. Then all this weird stuff happening I couldn’t explain it. I wasn’t even myself. I started feeling better when we left the area, but my son is still being threatened. They told him that in one year all his friends and him would be kidnapped and taken to Pluto.

They told him that on 12/13/22. My child is my whole life and with everything going on I wasn’t taking any chances. We left and went to a homeless shelter. I’m a great mother. I took extreme measures, lifesaving ones because he’s scared and frankly so am I. My mother doesn’t believe in them. but we do and she changed as well. I took my son to the hospital, and we came home. My son went to school and she’s talking about getting him seen again. I think he had enough of a hospital and frankly what are they going to do they discharged him. Atlantic Care Regional Medical center PIP is what we were in. They saw the type of mother I am. I held my son’s hand all night long, made sure he had anything he needed and probably too much love!  That’s the type of person I am. My own mother decided to call DYFUS, and I did everything right. I took him to the hospital and showed all the paperwork and they told me I was free to leave.

I wanted to go to Philly that night but couldn’t find a ride. Sunday 12/18/22 we left for a shelter. They told us if we left, they would leave us alone because we knew the truth that they are in people’s heads making them do bad things. Which is why people are killing themselves. They also have control over bodies. My son hitting himself wasn’t a onetime thing. I don’t feel my son needs to be locked in a padded room. I feel that you guys are the ones to be able to help. This is not just us. It’s 3 towns! We made 2 videos on 2 different phones just in case something happens to us.  I’m a fighter and I’m fighting the invisible alone. Both of us can see dust sparkles and different things hard to explain. I’ve gotten this far and now I’m contacting the best of the best, I hope. We need help. This is still going on as of 12-26-22 I’ve already called the police and been to the hospital. Nothing more I can do on my end. WE NEED HELP ASAP thank you. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

This case is under investigation by our Special Investigator from MUFON New Jersey.