Time         22:35 P.M

Witnesses:   I know that two other people did observe the object and commented on the movements and the lights. I have tried to contact the other two witnesses but they refuse to comment or discuss the incident that happened on this night.

Duration of Events:   Approx. 10 minutes

Description of Event:    I was outside on the drive at the side of the bungalow smoking a cigarette with two other people who are friends of the family.  We were overlooking the fields to the west when I spotted a bright white light in the distance.

Map of viewing point and object movements, 12th September 2009, 22:35pm:Point A:   (See) Observation points on map directly below: 

First sight of bright light in the distance, just under a mile away in the west.  The light appeared to be hovering above the ground which I would estimate at around thirty feet above ground level. The light was bright at first and white in colour. The light then faded and was not as bright as my first viewing, it started to pulse for a while in a dimmer light for a few seconds more.  I could see no smaller coloured lights around the object. The object then moved to point B in a relatively high speed.

Point B:

At point B the object had moved to a higher position in the sky, still not omitting the bright light when first seen. The light was dull and pulsing at a slightly faster rate. I would estimate the object was around sixty to seventy feet above ground level .No coloured lights were visible on the object. The object was hovering but I could not make out any shape at this point, just a pulsing light in the distance. The object then moved at a very fast rate towards point C, still pulsing with dull light.

Point C:

When the object arrived at point C the pulsing light got brighter again and larger in size.  It was still hovering around sixty to seventy feet above ground level , still no shape could be seen, just a brilliant bright white light in the distance, then the light dimmed a little and it started to move towards us . The light went bright again then it went out with just a small white light; the object moved towards us hovering at a slow rate to point D

Point D:

As the object moved towards us you could see that the object was solid, it made no sound at all, it just drifted towards us at a slow rate with very dim lights on the underside.  The object was rising as it approached and climbing as it got closer.

I would estimate it as approximately one hundred to one hundred and fifty feet, and was growing larger in size and you could start to make out a definite shape. It appeared at this point to be disc shaped with a slight under belly and seemed to be metallic with what I would describe as dim white light panels on the underbelly. There were no lights on the top of the object;. It then climbed higher into sky which I would estimate at two hundred to two hundred and fifty feet and began to hover above us.

Point E

The object was directly above us hovering at an estimated two hundred and fifty to three hundred feet, with an estimated fifty-three feet across in size. The middle under belly was lit with a light, circular in shape and slightly domed.  From the circle in the centre there were four light panels that got wider as they got to the rim of the object, the four light panels were a dimmer light than the circle light.   The panels reminded me of the panels you have in a suspended ceiling, almost like frosted glass, between the panels and you could see the dull metallic surface which looked smooth in appearance.  It made no sound;it was just there hovering above us in the sky and seemed like it was there for a long time. Nobody commented, we just looked up and stared at it. Then the object shot upwards at very high accelerated speeds, to something the size of a needle point and then vanished. This took less than a two seconds, I would estimate the object was above us for around thirty seconds, but it seemed like five minutes. I remember that one of the ladies stood next to me said “what the hell was that!” as it shot upwards and vanished. When the object had gone it was a surreal feeling I was left with, a kind of numbness but not the feeling of shock. Nobody spoke of what had been seen; we just got on about our business for the rest of the evening. I would like to add that I work under the fight path of Liverpool airport and I see aircraft of many shapes and sizes and also I recognise the lights that aircraft display at night on take-off and approach for landing.   I live under the flight path of Manchester airport and I am familiar with helicopter lights, commercial and police. I have an interest in astronomy and a knowledge about military aircraft and drones that are tested in our skies. I can’t explain what I or others witnessed that night or what the object viewed was. It was amazing.  Drawings of Object: Object at Point D:    Object at point E: