Oct. 27, 1967; Over Atlantic Ocean NE of Jacksonville, FL
3:00 a.m. EDT. The pilot of a Piper-Twin Comanche, plus two pilots and a passenger on board, saw a ” bright light, then visible as six huge, round, bright-white lights in a horizontal row on a darker object (body lights). It approached on a collision course, and was seen to be a gray equilateral triangle with a triangular opening at its center. The object made an un-banked 180 degree turn, then took off and disappeared in a flash
Oct. 27, 1967; Parshall, ND
3:00 a.m. CDT (4:00 a.m. EDT). A waitress driving home saw a large, round, revolving object with alternating triangular areas of coloration. The object was low and moving horizontally an estimated two blocks away. As it paced her car, she saw 2-3 white streaks of light (light beams) coming down vertically from the object. Her car gave the impression of having flat tires or of having rocks hitting the bottom of the chassis. A second witness, a police officer, saw a low-altitude, bright round light like a welding-torch which illuminated the ground. The object moved slowly with vertical oscillations, and changed color from blue to green-white. It departed vertically, disappearing in 5 seconds. [Parshall, North Dakota, is located near the (H) Hotel Flight Launch Facilities Minot AFB ICBM Complex]
Oct. 27, 1967; Max, ND
3:30 a.m. CDT. A milk truck driver reported a round, spinning red object that followed his truck for about an hour. At one point it hovered silently over his truck. Finally, as it was hovering over a field, it turned blue and raced away (color change/motion correlation). (Hall, 2001, p. 188;   MUFON UFO Journal, Oct. 1987, p. 19; U.F.O. Investigator, Vol. IV, No. 5, March 1968, p. 3; McDonald letter, 12/19/68, Donald E. Keyhoe Archives files; Keyhoe and Lore, 1969a, p. 6.) [Max, ND is located in the (D) Delta Flight Launch Facilities Minot AFB Minuteman ICBM Complex]

Oct. 27, 1967; Hampshire, England
2:20 p.m. LT (10:20 a.m. EDT) A man saw a black, mushroom-shaped object being chased by two aircraft. The sound of the aircraft attracted the witness’s attention. The black object turned without banking and climbed steeply into a dark cloud (Unidentified newspaper clipping and NICAP report form.)
Oct. 27, 1967; Weston Coyney, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, England
7:15 p.m. LT (3:15 p.m. EDT). A witness saw an object dropping vertically from the sky. The object stopped about 100 feet above the ground and hovered. Its shape was like “squared off” spinning top with a dark band around the center. The top section pulsated from bright to dull orange every few seconds, while the bottom section remained a constant red. The glow from the object lit up the sky around it. A soft humming sound could be heard, and a gray “vapor trail” was visible behind it. The witness felt a cold sensation all over his body. After about 10 seconds, the object 5 accelerated and sped out of sight to the north in about 30 seconds.





Hi Ken…. I have featured on the papers website quite a lot this week and the debunkers are having a field day. Debunkers sure like to spread mockery and falsehoods about me. The fact is that alien visitation is real and so are the photographs I took and submitted.  Debunkers can’t handle the truth and that’s the bottom line. Anyway ken check this out.   It was the early hours of the morning and it was pitch black. I was outside sky watching and it was so cold and quiet. I quietly set up my equipment and just sat there waiting for something out of the ordinary to happen. Half an hour went by without seeing anything… Then all of a sudden I noticed some moving lights way off in the distance that were high up in the sky. The lights were blinking on and off and I quickly took some photographs and managed to capture these mysterious lights blinking. The lights then stopped blinking and they all came on simultaneously. The lights were very bright in intensity.  I was very excited at this point and I quickly began to zoom in on the lights to get a better look and try to figure out what the lights could be. Once I had zoomed in I could clearly see that the lights were in fact on a structured craft. The most shocking thing was that I could clearly see three aliens in this structured craft. The first alien was sat above the middle light and appeared to be looking down. It appeared that the alien was working some type of controls. The Alien to the left was looking in the direction of the first alien and seemed to be watching the first alien working the controls. The alien to the right seemed to be looking down at the town below. Then one of the aliens looked in my direction and seemed to know I was there.. with that the lights went out and the structured craft just seemed to disappeared from sight. I was left amazed by what I had just seen. I had managed to take some photographs of the alien craft. The above photographs were taken on the 29 of January 3:44 AM GMT at Newton Abbot Devon England.

The Herald Express, out of Torquay,  paper sent me some questions to answer…

(1). Firstly, how long have you been interested in UFOs and how did that interest first come about?
I have been interested in UFOs since I was young. It all started when my grandad told me how he had an encounter and missing time. He had stopped to rest after pedaling up a steep hill on his bike. He was leaning on his bike to catch his breath when a large shadow was cast over him and the ground around him. He looked up to see what could be casting such  a large shadow. He was shocked to see a large black cylindrical object that appeared to have squares in each corner. He also described it as being dirty looking like it was covered in soot. The black cylindrical object just hovered there right above him. He became paralyzed and could not move he then blacked out. He then remembered seeing the strange object start to move away while letting out a trail of vapor as it flew right over Newton Abbot and into the distance. He could not believe what he had just seen so he started to make his way home. Later on after arriving home he realized he had missing time of about an hour and knew that it should only take about ten minutes to get home. This story has intrigued me and it still does to this day. From that moment on I took a huge interest in Ufology and the paranormal. There was no internet available to the public back then so I would read books on the subject and watch TV Documentaries. But my real adventure into the unknown began back in the summer of 1993 when I had an encounter with mothman in broad daylight. This sighting took place at Buckland Newton Abbot Devon, England. This strange mothman creature had bat like wings and had no visible signs of a head on it’s body. On it’s chest there appeared to be red glowing eyes. As if this wasn’t strange enough the creature was wearing heavy looking well made black boots that had downward facing triangles on them. I could hear a whooshing sound as the wings of this creature made contact with the air. As the mothman flew over me it cast a large black shadow on the ground around me. The mothman creature flew off into the distance over the town and out of sight. I was left standing shocked, shaking and paralyzed in fear by what I had just seen. After this sighting I have been encountering UFOs and other strange phenomenon on a daily basis. I have witnessed things that should not exist. I have photographed many different types of  UFOs. I have even photographed USOs entering and leaving the sea off the English coast. I have seen and photographed flying humanoids and have encountered strange alien beings on many separate occasions.
(2). You have shared so many sightings with us over the last few months, but when and where was your first UFO sighting.
I took my first photograph of a UFO back in 2008. It was the early hours of the morning and I was watching the television when a thin beam of light suddenly came through the window and shone on the floor beside me. The beam of light then began to move along the floor back and forth as if it was searching for someone or something. The beam of light then went out. I immediately jumped up and looked out of the window. To my amazement there was an object slowly moving back and forth in the sky. The object seemed to be trying to get my attention. I immediately grabbed my camera and took a photograph of the object and then I continued to watch the object until it moved off into the distance. On inspection of the photograph the UFO appears to have an alien entity peering out from inside it. I was intrigued and found the photograph to be very interesting. since then I have gone on to take many photographs of different ariel phenomenon and have had many alien encounters. Ufology is definitely an interesting field for discovery and my adventures into the unknown continue to this day. The photograph was taken on June 11, 2008 at 3:21 AM GMT Newton Abbot Devon England.
(3). You have told us stories about encounters with aliens in the past, so obviously you believe that there are other intelligent beings out there – do you believe that they visit Earth or do you think they could be living among us?
All the encounters and UFO photographs I have submitted are true accounts and other people have witnessed many of my UFOs encounters. The alien are in their final stages of the genetic work with human DNA they have perfected their hybridization techniques and perfected there hybrid clones who now live among us and continue to go undetected. Only under certain circumstances can they be photographed and when they are photographed they exhibited very unusual characteristics indeed.
(4). A lot of people, including many of our readers are sceptical about your sightings – what would you say to someone who didn’t believe?
I believe in freedom of speech people have the right to comment in any way they please. People can be sceptical about alien visitation but it is true although you do some times need to see it to believe it.
(5). The sightings and encounters you have reported to us are all things you claim to have happened to you first hand, does it upset you that people don’t believe what has happened to you?
People I know do believe me and they have witnessed many UFOs and strange phenomena themselves. It doesn’t upset me one bit that some people don’t believe me. None of the comments posted on any off my featured articles have been intellectual.
(6). Why do you share your sightings?
I share my sightings because this is a major scientific discovery there is life in the universe and we are being engaged by many different alien species. The government covers up alien visitation with mockery and falsehoods. I myself  and all the people at Mufon believe it’s time they told the truth. The governments truth embargo has gone on for far too long and we believe that it has to end. People have the right to know that we are not alone in the universe.
(7). You seem to have experienced sightings of UFOs and indeed aliens almost weekly for the last seven months, whilst many of us will never see anything unusual in the skies above us in our lifetimes, why do you think this is?
Yes I have had weekly sightings of UFOs and other strange phenomena. I believe the main reason why I have these encounters is some how related to my encounter with mothman back in 1993. I urge everyone to look to the skies.
(8). When you sign your emails, you sign as Chief Photographer for World UFO Photos a website which thanks you as a researcher, how did you first become involved in the website?
I work for Ken Pfeifer who runs World UFO Photos.org. Ken Pfeifer is my boss and friend. I have known Ken Pfeifer for many years now and I have submitted many of my UFO photographs to him. Ken Pfeifer is the Chief Investigator for Mufon New Jersey and State Director for Mufon Vermont and Rhode Island. Ken served 16 Years in military and is a Veteran for Desert Storm (1991). Ken is also a private pilot and Ufologist.  Ken is also the Editor and Founder For