JANUARY 6, 1996………..Grangemouth, Falkirk, Scotland

Time : 1-30am till 2-20am Eye-witness report: From the back door of my home, my family have a clear view of the skies over Grangemouth. On the night of 6th Jan 1996, I retired to my bed (downstairs) with my 10yr old daughter at around 12-45am. Just as I was dozing off I sensed something, a feeling, did I hear something? I wasn’t sure. I sat bolt upright, my daughter still asleep as my dog was trying to get comfortable at the bottom of the bed. As I lay there thinking it was my dog, I became quite scared, almost like the feeling you get on waking from a nightmare all jelly like. However, I snuggled up next to my daughter and I am sure I went to sleep. I awoke with the feeling my daughter was sliding out of the bed and I reached over to pull her back into bed. A few seconds later I felt it again. I spoke this time to her. I told her to stay in bed and as I spoke, I felt scared again and I felt panicky. My dog was crying over at the window, “lie down I said”. Again, I lay down just as I heard my son running downstairs and shouting “look!”, pointing to the window with a pair of binoculars.

 “It is just a plane light” I said, “No! I have been watching it for ages with my cousin” “Look again!” which I did, and I saw a single light in the sky pulsating. It seemed to be moving ever so slightly towards the east and back to where it originated from. As I was staring at it through the glasses, three lights shot out from the top and two from the bottom of the anomaly. The small lights jaggedly danced through the air but were always returning to the slightly brighter light. Myself, my daughter, my son and his cousin all ran up the stairs to the bedroom above and opened the window (the whole window opens inward). We stood and watched while all the lights became one. Again, it moved towards the east and back, then it was as if it saw us and came towards us! It was going to go directly over the house. I stepped onto the window ledge and when I was looking up, I noticed it was not a sphere shape. As the lights flashed it left the outline of a “V”, the same effect you would get if you stood in a dark room and switched the light off and on, you are left with a shadow of a shape. 

We all ran into the front bedroom, opened the window and waited on it appearing above the house and it did. My daughter at this time was beginning to hyperventilate, so we were trying to keep her calm and watch the anomaly at the same-time. It began to move towards the South, or Southeast and kept going for what I would estimate to be about a mile. Someone shouted “there was another one straight ahead”, but this instance was indeed a plane using its usual flightpath towards the West. I glanced back at the light and it had changed directions, towards the plane. As the plane reached S, SW, the light seemed to be directly ready to hit the plane. There was a dark grey mist which had mysteriously appeared and then the light was gone and of course the plane was fine. When we looked at the time it was 2,20am. My son said it was about 2,00am when he and his cousin came downstairs. I did tell others the following day, but what proof had we got? My daughter did not want anyone to know in case they all thought she was weird. My son did some sketches of that night, he said he and his cousin had been watching the unusual light for 15minutes before he came downstairs that night. I have heard of abductees becoming ill, headaches, memory loss, painful joints and muscular aches, is there any truth to this? and if so, what can a person do? I am a or was a sceptic until this happened. I believed in God and God only but now I am not so sure; it is as if nothing makes sense any more! NOTE: The above image is CGI.