JULY 27, 1972 ………………………….MIDDLESEX NEW JERSEY

Stationary hovering stereotypical flying saucer shape with exterior lights. This was in the sky and could not be mistaken for anything else. I was young when I witnessed this. Approximately 12 years old. And at 63 years old I still stand by what I saw that evening from my front porch at our home across the street. I have tried to convince myself I did not see it. Because I have said how could no one else have seen this. Even in the sky at the distance it was, it was big enough to see it Crystal clear rotating in the sky. Maybe others did see it this was in the 1970s early 1970s. There were no cell phones, no computers, no iPads. I am speaking about it now because I am not getting any younger and maybe there were other sightings in New Jersey during that period of time that can connect to this.

I tried to get the attention of others in the house and I am not certain what happened as far as it leaving or me just stop watching it. That is where it becomes vague. On a different topic, I have spoken to my cousin and she also saw what we call a flying saucer bigger than life outside of her home around that same time, in Ulster Park New York. She is retired now but worked in a hospital in Kingston New York her entire adult life until this day, no matter what anyone says she just matter of fact says she sought outside of a window from her home. We both stand by our sightings but I am only reporting mine now again I was young but I know what I saw and it was so clear in the sky it wasn’t a long distance away. I just do not remember why I stopped watching it. But it was there, and I would go under hypnosis to prove it if I had to. In some ways I would like to because maybe it would even be clearer.

I was young when I saw this as I said but I am also United States Army veteran. And I was overseas during some of the observations I have heard about such as the one at the Air Force Base in England, the one that took place in a forest that I have heard and seen documentaries about. I was a soldier stationed in West Germany at the time of that. I have no proof of my sighting and again I have tried to convince myself for over 50 years that it was a dream or something but it wasn’t. If it’s not believed I fully understand and accept that. As I was young but I was 12 years old and I know what I saw. It was the stereotypical flying saucer. It was hovering in the sky and the lights seem to be going around circular. I do not remember having any fear. I do remember there was a lot of activity in our home and I remember coming in the house and trying to get the attention of some of my family but they were involved in conversations and I let it go. I have no recollection of it leaving or when I stopped watching it Again I’m only reporting it now because after 50 years and exhausting every possible thing that I can think of to try to say it wasn’t real I still believe what I saw was there and it may happen to coincide with other reports touring that time.. I have never seen another UFO that I am aware of other than that one time. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

This case is under investigation by our Field Investigator David Fritz of MUFON N.J.