I was on a vacation with a military boyfriend at the time who was USCG helicopter specialist -don’t know his titles now. We were staying in a small resort that has since changed names in Runaway Bay Jamaica. We arrived on 6/12/1997 and left on 6/15/1997. I was 23 years old had never been outside of the US. So this was a big trip for the weekend. First day we met a young British couple our age and we were best mates the rest of the weekend. Every evening we would have dinner on the resort and move to a secluded position on the corner of the property on the ocean. Sat on the beach and talked for hours. The second night something insane happened. We had just congregated on the beach. Since we were in Jamaica and young want to point out no marijuana had been used. I noticed a bright light on the horizon moving quickly from a small dot with pretty intense speed. We first thought maybe it was a small plane or helicopter. It was quite noticeable since it was so dark outside. No clouds. Clear night. Lots of stars. So it was very noticeable that this light was moving towards us. As it came up over the horizon straight at us, we noticed it was completely black. Triangle shaped. And as it moved over us we saw 3 white lights in each corner of the points underneath. With a red light dead center that flashed from Red to white. Like 3 white pulses then red. It was prob 100 feet or less above us -maybe even less over our heads. It had a texture to the metal on the craft that we could see. It moved over us not as fast as it seemed to come from the horizon. We were all stunned and making comments like what the hell is that. All noticing that it isn’t making any noise. The light waves lapping onto the beach were louder. It moved behind us to the mountain range and sat hovering at a higher altitude. We kinda laughed it off and turned back to the ocean. Still in shock what we just witnessed thinking it was going to fly off. Don’t know why we turned and Didn’t stare at it longer than a couple mins. And with in seconds a second light came from the exact point on the horizon. Same intensity. same direction. Same speed. And we all stood up pointing and yelling there is another one. Never looked behind us. We kept our eyes on what was coming at as. No noise. Same altitude. Moved directly over us. Black triangle craft. 3 white lights in points on the bottom. Red center light- 3 white pulses coming from light dead center. As we turned to watch it go behind us. We realized that object number one was still hovering in the position it was when we had turned around and saw the second coming at as. They sat there together for 30-60 seconds maybe even longer. Don’t remember the length now. One higher than the other. But when I took my index finger and middle finger and marked them in the sky . They sat there flights pulsing for maybe a minute as we were all talking, yelling and honestly freaking out like what the hell is happening!! What are these things?!? None of us ever experiencing anything like this. Then in a blink the crafts separated like a gun shot. One went left one went right -GONE!! In a flash- Gone. One headed east one headed west. And that was it. Jaws on the ground we sat down and we’re trying to compare what the other saw. Our British friends made a comment like “if Agent Molder comes running across this beach”…. Every night after we looked – searched the skies. Never saw it again. My USCG helicopter boyfriend was in shock. Like I said he noticed that it didn’t make any noise. We left after the 4/5day trip and went back to Cleveland Ohio where I was from at the time. We both lived near downtown and he was stationed at the Cleveland USCG base. We had several conversations with his fellow guardsmen-especially a couple of the pilots. This was before the internet and smart phones. It wasn’t until years and I means 5-6 years later and I had moved to Dallas TX that I had on a history channel tv show that was showing different types of UFOs that they showed the famous blurry pic of the black triangle -hair stood up all over my body. It was exactly what I /we saw. I lost Contact with my other 3 witnesses. But couple weeks following our vacation, I received a Jamaican postcard from Gavin and Nanette saying they had watched the skies after we left -since they stayed for 2 more weeks and never again spotted anything in the skies. This has stuck with me and since have had 3 total experiences. a couple months after this, I think I was going to be abducted-woke up couldn’t move or scream. But it was not sleep paralysis. I saw 3 greys in my bedroom with a blueish light coming thru my bedroom window. I’ll file another report since it’s a completely diff situation and in a completely diff location. I have always wondered what happened? What did we see? Am I being tracked? Was I marked in some way. NOTE: The above image is CGI.