In March of 1997 I was hired by a Native American Elder to take over and run his small multi aged elementary school in Angel Fire, New Mexico. I had been familiar with New Mexico because every year my then husband and I traveled to that area for our yearly vacation. We also spent our honeymoon there. Now newly divorced I had the opportunity to move there which is what I always dreamt of. The plan from the Elder was that I would travel in his pickup truck from Ohio, where I had been living and teaching at the time, with only what I could fit in his truck, to NM and I would take over renting his cabin tucked back on a very rural area in Angel Fire. The excitement was unbelievable. When I arrived 3 days later. I was greeted by him and his woman who was also a Medicine Woman. I was to live with them for 3 weeks while they prepared my position taking over the school and make their transition. It was the Elders plan to leave NM and continue with his lectures and book writings.

That was the reason for me taking over the school. During those three weeks the Elder and the Medicine Woman decided they needed to teach me a bit about ufo’s and extraterrestrials. I realized the Elder was involved with that area of life because I had gone to his lectures and read his book. I learned that Native Americans have this amazing respect for aliens and their way. He actually worked with certain groups in order to learn from them, they from him and create community. At night, they would ask me to come outside and sit on the picnic table so they could teach me the differences between planes, jets, satellites, military and alien ships. It was all about the shapes, movements and lighting. It was very interesting. I was never afraid and always a believer. Soon the Elder and his woman had gone. I was there alone and knew no one in Angel Fire or Taos, just the students and parents of the school and one woman the Medicine Woman introduced me to at a ceremony.

It was right after that Spring Renewal ceremony in April that strange things began to happen. I would be standing in the bathroom looking into the mirror with the door open and out of the corner of my eye in my peripheral vision I would see blurry dark figures walking by or major flashes of light. It became a regular thing, and it was bothering me. It was as if there were others in the cabin with me, but I knew no one was coming in and I never had guests. There was never a landlord or Maintenace guy around. There were no neighbors. Things began getting stranger when sleeping at night, lights out, I would get that feeling like people were standing over me watching me. Quickly I would open my eyes and sit up and there would be three Grays on three sides of my bed watching me. I knew what they were, and they were the Grays. When I put on the light they were gone. Just like that, gone! I began to sleep with the light on at all times, blankets tucked up high on my neck and honestly would try to keep myself awake as long as possible.

It became a really scary, horrible situation for me. There was no one to talk to and no one I could tell. I could not tell anyone. They would think me nuts. I kept trying to convince myself this was not happening. This went on for 2 weeks. Finally, I had a talk with the Grays giving them permission to stay as long as they did not hurt me. I knew they were curious and wanting to learn things from me. It got very intense, and I became a mess and emotional and desperate. I did not know what to do so I called the Medicine Woman who was now living in Santa Fe and started to tell her that I had no idea what was happening to me. It was like she knew immediately what was going on and came up to speak with me. I explained to her what was going on and she got angry and said the Elder forgot to tell the Grays to stop showing up!!! She said he works with them. Our cabin was like a weigh station for them. But when he moved, he was to tell them not to come anymore. He did not. She also said that he asked the Light People to stay in order to protect me. A process of smudging and clearing the cabin was underway. It was my job now to get rid of them and she taught me how. It took a bit, and it was like a physical battle of taking a stand of losing my fear and my mental chatter. In time it was as if they just never came back. The Medicine Woman gave me a bigger scare by telling me if you do not get rid of them, they will take me and they are about to!!! That was all I needed to hear. I left soon after, moving to a new place in Taos. The last night they were there I was really struggling, and an angel appeared to me and whispered in my ear, “it’s almost over. You are almost through it. It is almost done”. I never told anyone of this until recently. There are times I still want to justify or prove false what went on. I know it is my truth. I finally feel like sharing it and connecting with others who have similar experiences. Thank you.