I was enjoying the fact that we were having some clear weather with partly cloudy skies. This was rare for us having constant daily wildfire smoke exposure for months on end, We often get low cloud cover over the Rolling Hills Estates location. I have a top floor apartment in a 5 story complex. My line of sight to the object was not obscured. However, I had a lot of difficulty focusing on the craft when I first spotted what I thought could be a blimp. What I thought I was seeing, was a eggshell or cream colored oval like a giant Go game piece with a pewter colored dull metallic base. I left my balcony window to find my binoculars. When I returned seconds later I saw the craft was gone. The cloud cover was very thin and the craft was nowhere to be seen. Now i was very disappointed. Next thing that happened was that it showed again….slightly closer to north skies but still over the Green Hills location. Object moving very very slowly while flickering or shimmering, much like a mirage even though the hill would not have been generating so much heat that day to cause heat waves. Before I could raise my binoculars to my eyes, there was an explosion of pinpoints of light expressed much like the way you would see points of light in a planetarium…but this was broad daylight mind you. What I first saw were these pinpoints of light randomly dancing or moving randomly. I had a feeling that was I was seeing was sentient communication. I asked the question out loud “What are you guys up to?”. The randomness then changed and the dancing of light looked more like a display of spermatozoa all swimming against the skyline. I laughed to myself and thought this was a whole new meaning for “pan-spermia”. As soon as I grasped the concept of fertilization, the lights shifted to a fixed positioned grid equally distant from each other and not dancing at all. I took this to mean that they were everywhere and all over the planet. At this time I was growing somewhat weary of the brightness I was witnessing. The last thing I saw was each point of light then returning to some location in the stratosphere. The lights gave the impression of returning from where they came from after the work was done. At this time I had to sit down for a spell and thought to myself the whole experience to be very simplistic in communication but overwhelming to the senses. I was fatigued and struggling to recoup from the snow blindness I was experiencing. I returned to the balcony with my cell phone to record the skyline as i was able to barely tune in and out some of these lights. Of course I have nothing on camera to show. The sighting of lights became harder and harder to focus on until I could see nothing out of the ordinary. And the original craft sighted was gone as well. I did some searches on the web and could find no buzz on the internet about my location on the date of occurrence. I was going to set this event aside and try to forget about it until I saw Coast Guard footage of a 1966 sighting over Catalina Island. The grainy footage in slow motion showing the craft blinking in and out of view was perhaps the same thing I was seeing before the light show started. It looked exactly the same. Now I am becoming a little obsessed with 1966 and what witnesses may have reported first hand. I will try and nail down the sighting date if I have any search history left from that day. NOTE: The above image is CGI.