I wrote you a reply to my 7-27-17 photo you posted and thanked you for blowing it up. I am writing you now as I had another experience/encounter on 8-18-17 where I took a total of 8 photos: 4 at 8.18pm and 4 at 8.23pm. Additionally, the co-worker I described in my 7-27 account told me on 8-11 that he saw something and did send me 2 photos he took.  As for my experience on 8-18 at 8.18pm, I was at work and walking back to my unit. I saw a bright white light that looked like it had a trail to some flying craft and took 3 pictures of it. As I walked past a tree or building, I saw that what I had been taking a picture had two objects below it and one to the left. I had enough time to take a photo of the one object I had been photographing and the two objects below it. The two objects below seemed to close, but also had trails. I had to hurry, but determined to get back outside to get photos of two objects.   I got back outside 5 minutes later and found the objects had not moved much and their trails were smaller.
I was about 100 yards from where I took other photos when I used zoom function on phone. I took 2 of the right object, 2 of the left object and went back in as I had work to do. I did review what I had captured later. I was surprised by what I found.  The top object in the photo with all 3 objects was purely white and without a definitive form. It had looked like it had a small trail in first 3 pictures. The bottom two objects now looked like the top one had in the previous photos, but the right one seemed going down and the left going up. They, too, had a small white tail. I did not see any red or green flashing lights as one would expect on a typical jet.  This is my second encounter in the last 3 weeks. I don’t really know what to think, but know I am capturing something. I am like in “wow” mode. This isn’t normal, is it?   Please do not use my name at this time. I would prefer to be anonymous for the time being.


The Many Mysteries of The Falkirk Triangle And Rosslyn Chapel – UFO Insight

For its size, Scotland has more UFO sightings than almost any other country in the world. A great many of these hundreds of yearly sightings, take place in an area known as the Falkirk Triangle.  The region lies between Falkirk and Bonny bridge to the east and west respectively, and Stirling to the north. The reports are as strange as they are varied, but they are certainly consistent. Reports of orbs, light, strange objects and even spaceships landing on the ground are all on record. Even claims of portals, ancient stargates and wormholes had been subject to extensive investigation.  Given all the sightings in Scotland, not to mention the vast amount that occurs within the triangle itself, it would seem there is certainly a case to requires answering in terms of something out of the ordinary taking place.  Before we look at some of the strange incidents, check out the video below. It is a brief look at why Scotland is very much a UFO hotspot.   VIDEO >>  https://youtu.be/S2f6josZRaU

We have written before of the Livingstone Incident of 1979 and Robert Taylor’s chilling experience in the woods near the motorway. It is certainly one of Scotland’s better-known sightings, and possibly one of alien abduction. There were, like most places in the world, regular reports of UFO sightings over the skies of Scotland throughout the 1980s.

Since the early 1990s however,  such reports have skyrocketed. In 1992, a local businessman, James Walker claimed to have seen strange lights in the sky while driving home. They appeared to be following his vehicle. The more he studied them, the more he could see they were, in fact, a distinct triangular shape.

Another report came the same year from Issabella Sloggett and her daughter, Carole. While enjoying a walk in the countryside and heading towards the small town of Bonnybridge, they could clearly see a circle of light ahead of them. They continued along their route, but would keep the strange lights in the sights. They would later describe seeing the lights land in a field in front of them. Equally intrigued and unnerved, they proceeded on their journey.  Moments later, a football-sized blue light hovering above them would descend and block their path. Issabella would state later in her report that following this, a door opened on the craft in front of them. They each then heard a howl-like sound which terrified them so much they would turn and run.





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