After arriving late at the campsite around 10:45 p.m. for our planned Labor Day camping trip, my brother and I hurried to set up our tent and start a fire. Once we had everything in order, we took a break to enjoy a cold drink and relax in our fold-up chairs. As we began to eat, I looked north and noticed a bright yellow-orange light hovering behind the tree line. It peeked out and fluttered for a moment only to move back behind the trees as if playing a game of peek-a-boo. I quickly called my brother’s attention to verify if he was seeing what I was seeing. At that moment we both verified neither of us was crazy as 4 other star-like lights appeared in the sky suddenly as we were watching the other. They began dancing around one another moving sharply, and with purpose yet very gracefully. The one behind the tree line continued to spy on us. The other 4 then began patterns of a lateral line of 3 where the one in the middle would disappear and then another would re-appear on the other side of the lateral formation.

It would then float perpendicularly to the center taking turns from each side and then pulsing a red exterior light every so often. This went on for approximately an hour until the UAP peeking behind the treetops began to float directly at me and my brother. It flew at us not in a direct line but fluttering in a graceful “S” pattern. It grew extremely bright as it got closer and flashed a white pulsating light at us before disappearing no more than 30 feet away. Disturbed and in awe even as close as the object got it had no discernable shape other than a ball of light. No sounds were heard other than the ambiance of the mountains and the rushing of two creeks surrounding the camp. After it disappeared the other 4 lights took their respective spots in the sky, almost acting as stars like nothing had happened. Two more then appeared joining the others in their masquerade as stars in the night sky. We were unsure if these were additional or if one of them may have been the tree-top stalking UAP.

Counting a total of 6, the highest UAP flashed white in color then flew up in an upside-down J pattern and shot down behind the tree line where we could no longer see it. A blue light with a tail almost like a meteorite fell just behind it on the other side of the meadow where we were staying. The others kept their positions in the sky. One every so often would appear among them again and begin flying among the tree line around our campsite only to disappear again. Too frightened to sleep in a tent we stayed up watching these star imposters for over 6 hours as they twinkled in the night sky so unsuspectingly. We gazed at them in awe afraid to look away until they faded away with the sunrise. Unfortunately in our shock and adrenaline-fueled insomnia, we were not able to catch any discernable footage. The second night yielded a similar experience. At about 7:00 p.m. as the sun was setting behind the peak of the mountains, we sat down to eat next to the fire.

We joked that we were eating dinner and wondered where the show was. Just then a flash of pulsating white light flashed at us while hovering directly overhead and then disappeared once again. We laughed in amazement and continued on with our meal and campfire antics as we glassed the sky. We watched for a while expecting something amazing to transpire. However, It was pretty calm other than the friendly flash for a couple hours until about 10:30 p.m. The moon had just begun to light up the meadow peeking over the mountain ridge Northeast of us. It was not alone though. To the north as we gazed at the sky, pondering the origin of these strange objects when another light peered out behind the top of the tree line. Just like the night before. It was fluttering around playing a friendly game of peek-a-boo again. This time my brother had his camera ready to attempt to capture anything we could. We watched carefully and as we did another flew overhead and flashed at us as it did a while ago. Seeing as we had survived the first night we were a bit more at ease.

I began flashing my led flashlight at both the objects strobing in their direction hoping to receive some type of intelligent response. The one overhead had faded and disappeared. The other over the tree line now was unfazed as it continued to flutter around zipping in the shape of a cross from South to North then back center, East to West, and back to center again. I remembered I had brought a monoscope for nature watching and decided to pull it out to attempt to identify the object with a closer look. Through the monoscope when I was able to steady my gaze I could make out green and red lights flashing on either side of the object. It seemed to be a lot farther away than perceived with the naked eye. None the less I was able to discern a shape that looked like an upside down egg or almost diamond shape if I could make out any hard edged corners of the object. It was emitting a brilliant white and yellow light which made details of the object obscure. Almost as if it was made of light.

The exterior lights continued blipping randomly on either side of the object. Red, red, then red, green then green, green and would intermittently stop and start again as it fluttered. Eventually after watching the object for a couple hours around 12:30, the objects light began to fade into a dim bluish color and it stopped moving completely. Just as the others did the night before. Impersonating the stars around it like a chameleon blending among the trees in plain sight. Tired and eyes weighing heavy from the night before we scoffed at the so called star and decided to finally turn in for the night. We put the fire out and then watched as the object waded across the night sky along with the stars. We finally drifted off to sleep, keeping our firearms within arms reach though, of course. On this second night my brothers iPhone was able to capture a shaky dot flashing amongst the pitch black Colorado sky. Our only piece of evidence to corroborate our “out of this world” encounters. A camping trip that I nor my brother will ever forget.