AUGUST 29-30, 1970   …………   ENEBACKEN SWEDEN


The 1970 Lake Anten, Sweden craft landing case is one of the more interesting CE2 incidents on record, even though there is only one report available about the case. The radiation evidence is intriguing and to tends to favor the real possibility that something actually did land.  We, GICOFF, became aware of it on Wednesday, September 2, and, the day after, four of us went up to the place. First we talked to an inspector at the police station in Alingsas, the neighboring town. He told us the occurrence had not really interested them. They had reported it to the military authorities, but they did not seem to be interested either.  We then went to the place where it had happened, a little farm or rather a croft called Enebacken. On arriving at the croft we found another car standing there. The owner of the house, Mr. Richard Johansson, 81 years old, was being visited by his daughter and a friend of hers. She came out to meet us and showed us a corner of the garden about 25 metres from the house.  “There they are,” she said— something she had probably done several times, because we soon learned that a lot of people from around about had been there. We went to the corner as directed and saw three burned marks that had been reported in the newspapers.   We took a lot of photographs, we measured the marks and the surroundings and we took a couple of earth samples, one from the marks and one from a place 4 metres away (more about this later).  Mr. Johansson, 81, told us: “I did not see or hear anything. You see I went to bed at 9.00 p.m., but my room is on the opposite side of the house. I am not particularly bothered about the incident, but it has been amusing to see people around this place. Whoever landed there has taken care not to destroy anything.”


Then we had to find witnesses to the light observed above Enebacken. This is how the Karlssons at a nearby farm described it:  Mr. E. Karlsson: “I was going to go to bed—it was just before midnight—when I saw that the cars on the road were stopping and putting out their lights. Then the boy came running in saying something red in colour was seen above Enebacken, about 500 metres away. I went out to have a look, and caught sight of a strong red light. It went to and fro above the forest.”  Mrs. I. Karlsson: “Just when I saw it I heard a sound from it.”    Mr. Karlsson agreed: “That was what puzzled me most. First I thought it was an aircraft, but then I realized it could not be that. It behaved so strangely, and not only that, it was round and bright and very red. It went both up and down and to and fro above Enebacken. Sometimes it disappeared below the treetops only to reappear after a while. The speed varied, sometimes it glided slowly only to accelerate very fast. Once it was almost down at the meadow in front of the forest only 200 meters away. Then I saw some beams of light coming from it. They were yellow-white in colour and seemed to come from the side of the red sphere, which had the size of about half the moon.”    Mrs. I. Karlsson: “We were standing outside for a while but then we went in and watched it through the window. When going to bed at about 2.00 a.m. the light was still standing there.”  We managed to find witnesses from three cars:  Mr. P. Nilsson: “My friend and I came driving from Alingsas. It was about 11.15-11.30 p.m. We caught sight of a red light moving to and fro and up and down, and now and then it was standing still. My friend stopped the car, and we got out. The light was to the left of us above Enebacken. We looked at it for maybe 10 minutes, before going home.”    Mrs. Olsson: “My husband and I were returning from a visit to friends. We saw something which resembled a rear lamp on a car, red-yellow in colour. First we thought it was an aircraft, but we soon realized that it was not. We looked at it for 3-4 minutes. The time was then 12.25 a.m.”    Mrs. E. Aronsson: “Shortly before 11.30 p.m. I saw, together with a friend, a bright illuminated ball just above the treetops. First I thought it was the moon, but this was red and it was so bright.”  All these witnesses were located south or east of Enebacken. We found a further eight witnesses who had been to the north of the incident. One of them indicated how she had seen the light between two trees. When checking with a compass we found it to be precisely in the direction of Enebacken. Another, a Mr. E. Johansson, told us: “I caught sight of the red, bright ball above Enebacken at about 11.45 p.m. I was together with my wife and another couple. We estimate its size to be a little less than that of the full moon. It moved to and fro and up and down above the forest. We could also see something like a beam of light coming from the ground going up to the light. It was very beautiful to look at. The light was constant in brightness and created an illuminated streak on the surface of Lake Haslingen.”  The distance between Enebacken and these witnesses is about 1,100 metres. At 12.15 a.m. Mr. E. Johansson and the other man took the car to try to find out what the light was. When turning into the side road leading to Enebacken they found another car, a blue SAAB, standing there. In it were two young men, who said that they too had tried to find out what the light was. While they were standing there the light went out, or disappeared.   The next morning Mr. E. Johansson and a couple of others went over Lake Halsingon by boat, went up to Enebacken and found the round marks.  We also found one witness west of Enebacken. A woman had seen the light from her house.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.







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