In mid October 1996, I was a uniformed Police Officer with  South Yorkshire Police working in Sheffield.  This is in the north of the City and covers a rural area which borders the Peak District National Park.  In the early hours of a night shift (say between 0300 to 0400hrs) I was out on mobile patrol duties unaccompanied in a marked Police vehicle (a diesel engined Land Rover Defender model) and in St.Margaret Avenue Deepcar when I had noticed a male on foot near some dwelling houses who I decided to confront about his presence on the street at that time of day.  In turning the vehicle around to confront the male he had then disappeared  I saw was something ahead of me in the night sky that has projecting a white beam of light similar to a searchlight downwards towards the ground at an angle. I would estimate the event (craft) to be 1.000 yards or more ahead of me in the North.
At that time all I could see was a beam of white light being projected downwards towards the ground at an angle.  I could see no other lights at that time.  I could not see any shape or form of what (craft) the light was being projected from.  All I could see was a black sky with no light pollution at that location. My own position was at an elevated position in Deepcar and the event was ahead of me on the horizon which meant that if it was taking place over or near the A616 road it was obviously quite elevated at that location (which is down hillfrom my viewpoint).  I then used my UHF radio to contact the control room at Ecclesfield Police Station Sheffield about my sighting and to ask whether the Police helicopter had been scrambled to any incident taking place on or near the A616.I also used my vehicle VHF radio to contact force operations room at Police Headquarters Sheffield.I was told categorically that the force helicopter was grounded at base.  During my radio transmissions I had continued to observe the event ahead of me on the horizon. This may have lasted several minutes.
 I became aware that something of a vast size and dark in colour suddenly moved quickly towards me in a straight line and was then directly above my vehicle in St.Margaret Avenue.  I heard no sound of any craft approaching me.  The move was very quick for the distance traveled from the horizon.  I saw no lighting or any illumination on the object as it approached.  I could just differentiate that there was a large dark object moving in the dark sky directly towards me.  The next thing I knew was that as I was still seated in the Police vehicle the whole street around my vehicle was suddenly illuminated by a fantastic bright blue light which was clearly coming from directly above my vehicle in the night sky.  I had never experienced any such light before or since.  It was similar to an intense blue neon sign light. Sodium street lighting was illuminated in the street at the time but this blue light was tremendous in its power. I bet you could have found a needle on the road it was so intense.  I jumped out of the door and looked directly above  me.  At that time I could see that there was a very large black triangular object hovering above me/moving forwards very slowly in the night sky.  At this time I could see the underside of the object only.  I could clearly see the triangular shape.  It was black but visible through contrast with the sky.  It was making very little noise other than a sort of whirring noise.  I was shocked at what I was observing.  It was not a conventional  aircraft that I would know.At that time I saw that the craft was showing three red lights to the underside of it.  These were near to the corners of the triangular shaped object.  I estimate the triangle may have been a few hundred feet wide or more.

I saw that it moved to the left beyond this housing and then suddenly changed direction to go right  (as if thrown in reverse) and then suddenly left again on its original course of flight.The speed of the moves was very fast and I did not believe any conventional fixed wing aircraft capable of doing what I saw at that point. The object continued to move very rapidly in this South Westerly direction and I then lost sight of it.  I was in awe of what I was witnessing and wanted to give it my full attention.  After I had witnessed the object move away from my location in the south westerly direction I contacted my control room and told them what I had seen (ie.in my own opinion a large black triangular UFO) and told them it was my intention to proceed in the direction of the flight path of the object for any further sightings. I did not seem to get any response from my own control room to the effect that they took me seriously.  The senior officer of the two stated they had seen the brilliant blue light in the sky over Deepcar but knew nothing else of what it was.  I know this officer had his own experience of UFO sightings on a night shift during the early 1980’s in Sheffield when I was on the same shift as him. On the night of my sighting this officer had a brother in the Police working at Attercliffe Police Station Sheffield (about 9 miles away as the crow flies) also on a night shift. I know my colleague spoke with his  brother at Attercliffe and he and officers on his night shift had also witnessed bright blue lights in the sky as well but I know no more  detail than that. I know I did not lose any time the night of the incident as I did check my wristwatch sometime at the start of the event and after it. I did do this because I have read and heard that people who have undergone these type of experiences have told of “missing time” after the event.  I retired from South Yorkshire Police in 2001.  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.






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