Whether you love or loathe Billy Meier his activities have been  the subject of intensive monitoring by  intelligence authorities including the CIA. Officialdom at a secret level take  the man very seriously indeed. The extraordinary surveillance of the Swiss UFO  contactee has been outlined in detail by the late American investigator,  Wendelle Stevens, who spent eight years involved in an in-depth investigation of Meier and his followers at their farm near  Hinterschmidruti. Stevens gives a detailed picture of the contact that he and  fellow investigators Lee and Brit Elders  were pressured into having with a range of intelligence agencies during their  visits to Switzerland in the late 1970s and 1980s.

These pre-briefings and  debriefings, which took place mainly in London, could stretch for days and were  dominated by discussions with a senior CIA officer who maintained a secure, sealed  off section of a London hotel. The interviews were sometimes marked by anomalous  phenomena that Stevens could only ascribe to the intervention of Meier’s alleged  Pleiadian visitors – in other words, while the CIA was monitoring Meier, the ET  visitors appeared to be monitoring the CIA with technology that left no doubt  about who was on top. The ET pranks included dematerializations of documents and  shenanigans with a secure CIA telephone line.

This cooperation by Stevens and the Elders with a range of interested government  agents was frankly admitted by Stevens in anecdotes scattered through several of  the six volumes of his investigation reports and contact notes of Meier. This  huge output of investigative material totalling nearly 3,000 pages was published  by Stevens between 1982 and 1996 and reflects the former US Air Force Lt  Colonel’s conviction that the Meier contacts, though bizarre and eccentric by  conventional standards, were authentic.

KENS NOTE:  Billy Meier is an icon in the UFO community.  His  incredible story of aliens and other worlds are still being investigated by  todays top Ufologist.  GOOGLE ” Billy Meier ” and decide for yourself.

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