NASA was formed in 1958 and from the very start a number of it’s astronauts and test pilots testified to sighting UFOs or craft of undetermined origin. Initially Joseph Walker was the first to announce a sighting — he told the National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space Research in 1962 that he had an aerial encounter with two disc-shaped objects the previous month. He had actually filmed the encounter. In April 1962, NASA pilot, Joseph Walker, filmed five cylindrical and disc-shaped objects from his X-15 aircraft. Another test pilot reported an incident involving a formation of UFOs whilst flying at 314,000 feet. NASA refused to reveal any evidence that might substantiate the pilots’ claims — photographsor films were never released. In April 1964, two radar technicians watched UFOs following an unmanned Gemini capsule. In 1965, the FBI received information from a confidential source that an informant at NASA was secretly divulging information on UFOs to two UFO researchers in Pittsburgh. According to FBI files: “The source believes that the informant may be classified and had actually seen a film showing a missile separating and a UFO appearing on the screen. “The informant advised prior to the flight of Gemini 4 – watchout for something interesting because the spaceship had devices aboard to detect UFOs.” The FBI files infer that NASA was (is) withholding filmed evidence of UFOs, to which the general public is being denied access and the remarks about Gemini 4 is of special interest because James McDivitt, a pilot with Gemini 4, confirmed that during the mission he did see an “unidentified object.”

On 4th December 1965, astronauts Borman and Lovell of the Gemini 7 mission were involved in this communication with Mission Control:

Gemini 7: Bogey at 10 o’ clock high.

Mission Control: This is Houston, say again seven.

Gemini 7: We have bogey at 10 o’ clock high.

Mission Control: Gemini 7 is that the booster or is that an actual sighting?

Gemini 7: We have several, looks like debris up here. Actual sighting.

Mission Control: Estimate distance or size?

Gemini 7: We also have booster in sight.

On 12 September 1966, Gemini astronauts, Richard Gordon and Charles Conrad reported to Mission Control that their craft was being observed by a UFO estimated at being about six miles away. On 13th September 1966, astronauts Charles Conrad and Richards Gordon observed an object that remains unidentified to this day. The object, which they managed to capture on film, traveled so close to Gemini 11 that it would normally be very easy to identify but despite claims that it was, in fact, the Proton 3 satellite or parts thereof (claimed by NORAD) , the object still remains anomalous. Following the Gemini missions the Apollo Space Program took effect, and on 20th July 1969 the astronauts of Apollo 11 took their first steps on the surface of the Moon. Although it was claimed that nothing unusual was seen by the astronauts, rumors that the crew were “never alone” whilst on the moon began to circulate.

The following conversation is alleged to have taken place between Mission Control and the crew of Apollo 11:-

Apollo 11: What was it? What the hell was it? That’s all I want to know. These babies were huge, sir… Oh God, you wouldn’t believe it…

NASA : What… what the hell’s going on?

Apollo 11: They are here, under the surface.

NASA : What’s there? Mission Control calling Apollo 11.

Apollo 11: Roger, we’re here, all three of us. But we have found some visitors… They’ve been here for quite a while judging by the installations… I’m telling you, there are other spacecraft out there. They’re lined up in ranks on the far side of the crater’s edge…

NOTE: The above image is CGI.






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