These orbs/UFOs align themselves in formations (in this instance a triangular one) and they move. This is not a happenstance of nature but requires some degree of intelligence in order to do so. Purposeful alignment and motion are not mere accidents, those acts require thought which is without question what this video proves. A video was shot late Saturday night on May 21, 2011 as I was showing a new friend of mine the orbs that hover above us up close with my night vision camera. After capturing a few minutes of tape I decided to point the camera at a triangular alignment which is always in the sky to the east of my house and let it roll thinking that I would come back in about 10 minutes and shut it off. Well, I started the tape and went inside and forgot that I had a camera rolling until several hours later when I went out and discovered that I had left the camera on and that it had used up the entire hour of tape that I had. I took the tape inside and reviewed it and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. These are my observations after viewing this tape: Orbs in a triangular alignment that appears stationary but in reality is moving very slowly. The orbs in the formation (and indeed all that I have captured on tape thus far) move at an incredible rate of speed. They actually spin in a circle creating a whirling effect. This can clearly be seen as you observe each of the three orbs in this night vision film. All of them have a whirling energy that encircles them and is in fact created by them. Many other smaller orbs can be seen almost as a clustering of objects near the triangular alignment. You can clearly see flashes of light, movement, traces of very fast flying objects etc. some of which could be created by these smaller orbs or they could be something else, namely rods. About 2/3 thru the tape a very strange thing appears. A very close flying rod appears for just seconds on camera. You can clearly see the details of the rods body as it flies past my lens. Rods for those of you who are unaware of them are creatures that exist on earth that no one has ever captured for examination hence we really don’t know what they are. They appear to be flying insects as they look like centipedes. They are often called flying fish. They are unable to be seen with the human eye as I understand it because they move too quickly for our eyes to perceive them flying at what some estimate to be speeds over 1,000 miles per hour. No rods have ever been caught or examined alive or dead and typically they are only viewable with camera equipment. They are often seen in association with alien craft and orbs. This video is an edited version of the 59 minute tape. We are also posting the entire 59 minutes on YouTube today along with a time elapsed version which boils the entire hour of footage down to approximately seven minutes and another that further time elapses the film to only seven seconds. I hope you find this video to be as profound and fascinating as I do. It certainly resolves some open questions for me and it raises far more. Enjoy.

Thanks to MUFON CMS system.