December 20, 2016, at 10:45 a.m., Mr. Flores and his teen son stepped out of their Centreville townhouse and to his car for a driving lesson. As Flores was about to enter his vehicle, a bright reflective object caught his eyes from the eastern sky. The unusual craft was moving slowly on an east-southeast trajectory and seemed to have turned slightly towards his direction.   Flores: “At first I thought it was an airplane, but as it became more discernable, the object was flashing two extremely bright, circular, white lights. I also noticed it had no wings, however, I could distinctly see that it was sphere-shaped with what looked like a white tail appendage sticking out from the rear. I also noticed that the side of the object gave a brief reflection from the sun which allowed me to observe its metallic/ aluminum body…the lights continued to glow off and on randomly. At times the lights would stop glowing or emitting light for about five to seven seconds, then would glow again. I noticed that the object came to a stop as soon as a passenger airliner flew by at a lower altitude below it, as if to observe it. The object then proceeded to continue its path moving from left to right across the sky.”    His son was also observing this UAP as it slowly flew southeast, but after a few minutes, they were about to lose sight of it, so they both jumped in the car and drove a few blocks outside their neighborhood and then stopped at Stream Pond Court and Pond Field Drive to an open area where they continued their observation.

Flores: “As I continued to look up, my son and I, who had been with me the entire time, noticed that the object stopped again. Suddenly, three white or silverish-colored airplanes appeared flying from right to left, one behind the other, leaving contrails in its path. I found the timing and the order in which these large airplanes were flying (one behind the other) rather strange. The airplanes flew in the direction of the UFO and passed a few thousand feet beneath it. The UFO blinked its lights a few more times as the airplanes flew by, and then moved around in circular directions, and then slightly moved up, then down, and then it continued to glow its light for a few seconds. The light then became dimmer to the point of going out, with the object becoming more transparent, but still discernible to my eye. The object’s light would then begin to glow some more with the object becoming more materialized and then slowly changing back to its transparent form until it eventually vanished.”   Flores described the three aircrafts as being silverish white without any identifiable markings and appeared identical from one another and did hear the sound of their jet engines – also leaving behind contrails. The only photo he took was of the three planes after they flew past and after they broke formation. The sighting lasted about 45 minutes. Dulles International Airport is six miles north from his house. The UAP did not make any noise. Flores added that what he saw protruding from this metallic sphere appeared to be “moving” at some point like a tail on an animal. I asked both Mr. Flores and his son to submit   sketches of what they saw, but specifically to be in separate rooms during their drawing development without coaching each other, of which they submitted to me. His son noted on his drawing the scope of the UAP which was about the size of a children’s aspirin. Flores is a 44-year-old and works as a human resources specialist.   I emailed the local fire department (Fairfax County West Centreville Fire Station 38) which is a few blocks away, to ask if they have seen or heard reports of an unusual aerial sighting on the date of the event. I have also sent an electronic FOIA request to the FAA and will update my report when I receive any documents relating to these sightings.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.












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