My name is Ronny Dawson.  I have worked in the Crude Oil  Transportation Industry since 1985. We load up the crude oil from remote lease  locations and transport the product to pipeline terminals for shipment to the  refinereries and product storages. We are required to be withing 25 feet of the  controls and watch the oil slowly load onto our trailors. Sometimes we work  during the day and sometimes we work all night.  If something is going on out  there, its guys like us that will be the first to notice it. For years I have  seen nothing but your basic meteors, airplanes, satellites, planets, comets and  a few space shuttle flyovers. It is the only good thing about working nights.  The last 2 years though we have been seeing something we can not explain.  Strange lights that seem to appear out of nowhere and move around then just  blink out as quickly as they appeared. They are very large round lights  sometimes red and sometimes white. They sometimes drop to the ground sit there  for a few seconds and pop back up. Then another light may join them and then  they may both blink out at once. They appear independantly or sometimes in a row  like on a ship of some sorts. They have a counter clockwise rotation in common  if they rotate at all. It was suggest that I try to gather some pictures of  them. I started carrying a camera and have a camera cell phone that I carry with  me. I have had as many as 3 sightings in an 8 day period and gone as long as 9  months without seeing any. I noticed that as soon as I grabed my electronics  they would blink out. I have had friends view these lights with me and as soon  as I grab the camera they disappear.

Perhaps as I was watching them, they were  watching me as well.  I stopped carrying the camera figuring if I did get a shot  it would just be lights in the darkness anyway.  March seems to be the most  active month for the sightings. I was excited that March was approaching. I had  a new cell phone and spent a little time accessing the camera quickly. On the  night of March 2,2011 on my night shift I would see so much more than lights  that to this day I have a hard time believing what I saw was real.  I pulled up  to my lease and was talking on my cell phone.  A 3 light configuration was  traveling very low to the ground just above the tree line.  I told my friend I  have to get off and try to get a picture. The craft should have passed right  over my truck but as I went pass a compressor building the lights had just vanished.  No sound and no sign of where they went. I climbed up the tank  battery to begin working my oil and noticed a very small light that seemed to be dancing in the distance. I snapped a few pictures. I looked around and over head and notived two sets of star clusters that were moving across the sky together. They were moving in a circular pattern directly over my location. There was a very fast intermitant flashing of the one of the lights in the cluster.  Then some lights appeared on the ground behind some trees. They rose up above  the tree line and started moving in my direction. They got unnervingly close and  all but one light went out. Then it went out too. The rotating star clusters  were still circling my location.  I saw some lights on the ground grabbed my  camera and a small multycolored orb rose and departed. I caught it on video. I  heard the roar of jet engines coming from over head. I saw 2 jets fly right over  my location. One circled to the north and the other circled to the south and  departed in the same direction they came. They were not even out of sight yet  and I saw the light reappear over a field to my east.  Just one light but it  was above the treeline and moving right at me. Another light appeared next to  it. They were moving straight at me.  I was on top of the tank battery.  I could  not hear any noise at all. They were now unnervingly close.  I thought crap, I’m  completely screwed.  I could not see the shape of the craft but could begin to  see some of its outline. It was less than 100 yards from me above the treeline.  I snapped a picture but was didnt give much attention to the shot as I was very  scared and trembling. The lights stopped and began moving away. That made me  feel alot better. They were not very far away when they went completely out  again.  I got off the tank battery and went down to check my loading truck.  I  looked up and noticed the rotating star cluster still there but one of the  flashing lights was getting very close and looked like it was going to pass over  head.  I shut the pump down and readied my camera to get a picture of what ever  this thing is. As it got closer I could see a huge gray cloud of smoke or steam  with it. I notived it was not a light but looked more like a damaged heat tile
igniting and reigniting.  It was an amazing site but I knew it would not show in  a picture. I could now see that what looked small is in fact very large. It  began passing over my head and kept passing over my head.  Then it changed direction and flipped  from a verticle position to a horizontal one and there were lights and structure  on it. Here was my opportunity for the shot. I could not find it in the view  screen it was getting away.  I pointed the camera lense at the thing and hoped  for the best.  My camera was on video mode.  If I had known that I would have  let it run. I managed to catch a brief glimpse of it.  It could never to do justice to what I saw. When I looked at the paused still frame of the tiny  section of video it hit me that what I got here is something thats not suppose  to exist. Like a glimpse of bigfoot.  It baffles the mind and makes you say  “what is that?”.  It is something we can’t begin to understand or comprehend the  magnitude of what it is. Some Will discredit it and others will refuse to believe in it. What ever it is has yet to be explained and is still out there somewhere doing who knows what.

Special thanks to Ronny Dawson for this incredible sighting.  I  have seen the video and the object is too big and cannot be properly identified  from the video.