My son and I were driving south on Keatonville road returning home from visiting my cousins.  I pulled to the side of the road and stopped to light a cigarette.  After doing so, I noticed some strange looking lights in the sky very near us.  My son and I then observed two brightly colored orbs of light. One blue-one red.  They seemed to be going into and out of a small cloud, visible one moment  and obstructed the next.  That’s when we saw it.  We watched in shock and disbelief as the disc shaped craft emerged from the small cloud and silently and swiftly ascended to less than fifty yards from our car. It continued to slowly move to about thirty yards from us.  They were close enough for me to see them looking at us through windows.  They seemed to be somewhat small from that distance, then a sudden fear overcame me and I remember attempting to drive off as fast as I could.  Then the next thing we remember is we are still in the car, the cigarette has burned up in the ashtray, the car is not running now,and we are sitting slumped over in the seats. I looked up and watched the craft leave the area.  I started the car and we drove home as fast as we could.  We both felt like we had been asleep or drugged or hypnotised.  We checked in with my cousin upon returning home and he confirmed our hunch about the missing time at least thirty minutes, maybe forty five minutes were missing, not to mention the cigarette I didn’t get to smoke.  Three days later I removed from my own finger a triangle shaped object that looked semi transparent, like silicone but it was harder than a rock. The object was a little smaller in size than a B B.  The craft seemed to float unaffected by earths gravity.  When it left, it moved off slowly at first then accelerated at so fast that it seemed to vanish.  There were no clouds in the sky that night except for the one it came out of.   Visibility was very good. We had a close encounter of the Third or possibly the Fourth kind.  I went from skeptical to a absolute believer in the first five to ten seconds of the close up visual of the craft with the litte beings peering at us. We decided we didn’t talk about it outside of each other for fear people would not be able to believe the truth.  I am getting older now and I think it’s time to tell the truth. GOD be with us-all. NOTE:  The above image is a rendering.

Thanks to MUFON case file system.