Taking place on the evening of November 25, 1964, just north of the small hamlet of New Berlin, NY (nearest large city – Oneonta – 25 miles away) Mrs. Kathy Hatzenbuhler and her mother-in-law were witnesses to the whole startling event across from her property on New York State Route 80.  The most astounding part of this encounter of “high strangeness” was, of course, the humanoid figures trying to repair the grounded UFO. As Mrs. Hatzenbuhler described them: “they seemed to be dressed in something like a skin diver’s wetsuit.” It was a dark color and their hands were visible… out from the wrist of the suit. Their skin was lighter than the suit that they were wearing. They were built like men… the only difference [was that they] were slightly taller… between 6 1/2 and 8 feet tall… they seemed to have hair like we do, although their hair wasn’t long… it seemed to be well barbered, fairly close to their heads.” After the second UFO approached and landed just beyond the first one, five more figures exited it to join the crew working on the first object. Mrs. H watched through her powerful field glasses as almost all of them worked hard to cut long sections of what appeared to be “heavy dark cable.”  Hazenbuhler felt quite safe watching the whole procedure, but her mother-in-law grew quite frightened. They both considered calling the authorities, but decided against it as they felt that the police or sheriff might end up harassing the “alien men.” Also, both ladies later told investigators that they felt that “the men” were watching THEM closely the whole time.

The crews from both ships worked non-stop for four hours trying to re-fit the contraption they had removed from the one craft, back up into place. Three attempts failed, but on the fourth try they succeeded. Hatzenbuhler explained what she saw after that: “I could see them quickly pick up everything they could pick up and the men who had come down from the vehicle above them on the hill ran back with the materials up there.  These men were running with something extremely heavy – (like) two men with a toolbox – one that required two men to carry. There were at least two more toolboxes, [and] there were two men who were laboriously running [and] it looked like they were picking up cable pieces [that] these other men had left. They ran up the hill with them and [then]… I didn’t see them anymore.”  Then, around 4:55 AM, the whole episode abruptly came to an end. The vehicle on the uppermost part of the hill left first. “It went straight up… almost like an instantaneous disappearance in the direction it had come from – south / southwest,” Hatzenbuhler recalled. “A minute later the other vehicle rose straight up, went to the crest of the hill, rose a little further again and shot off in the same direction, at the same speed. And that was it.”  The next day curiosity got the better of her and she and her husband (a chemical engineer) made their way up to the area where the craft had landed. There they found two sets of evenly spaced triangular depressions, fourteen inches wide and around eighteen inches deep. But they also found something else that amazed them both; there sitting on the ground in full sight was “an apparent piece of cable.” NOTE: The above mage is CGI





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