What made me first notice the object was motion, I could see a string of lights that resembled the visibility lights of a semi-trailer. Wondering why there would be a truck here at this time of night I began to pay closer attention to them and quickly realised that these lights were of various colours instead of the usual amber that truck lights have.  I also noticed that there was no engine sound despite the fact that the “truck” was within 100m of me, on a very still and clear night. At this point I realised that I was not looking at a truck but at a spaceship that was moving along the ground from N to S at an altitude of about 6 ft. There were no wheels, it was not an aircraft and yet it hovered silently above the ground.  I was absolutely bloody terrified! No joke. The moment I realised what I was looking at I froze and it took me some time to recover my willpower. When I did I immediately turned and ran back to the house, not looking back and when I arrived I told everyone what I had seen.   I lost sight of the object after running away from it.

A short time after this event, either a few days or a week or two I was lying in bed and had been asleep or almost asleep when I was awoken by a very bright light shining through my window. It was typical for my parents to park their car on the side of the house where my room was and, as they pulled in they would usually turn the car so that it was facing outward for the next trip. (This is on a farm so we’re not talking about a small suburban driveway but a larger area on my side of the house where they usually parked). I remember that the light was on for some time and I could not understand why they had stopped half way through the turn with the lights, which seemed to be on high beam, blaring right into my window late at night. I was irritated by this because I wanted to get to sleep. Finally the light went off and I relaxed a little, anticipating the sound of the car door and my folks coming inside but the sounds never came.

Once again I began to wonder what was going on? First they shine the headlights lights in my window for some reason and now they’re just sitting out there? Are they drunk, is something wrong? It was making me curious and I was preparing to get out of bed to investigate when I heard the sound of a car coming up the driveway. The car was my parents. Confused, I waited on the verandah for them to come out of the car. In my mind I still believed that the light had come from a car outside my window and, as there was no car there, I was struggling to understand what was happening. When my parents arrived they seemed quite agitated and scared. They told me that they, as they had approached the turn off to the driveway (once again, our drive was over 1km long as we lived on a fairly large property), had seen a bright light in the sky hovering over the house and that, as they had approached in the car, it had disappeared. They seemed unsure if it had disappeared or shot into the air at very high speed. It’s almost certain that the light I had seen was from this spaceship, which also may have been the same ship that I had seen previously, come back to visit again. I’ve had other experiences since (and prior) to this but this is my only “close up” sighting of a spaceship (I hate stupid terms like UFO, “Flying Saucer”, UCT etc, why beat around the bush with daft euphemisms? They’re bloody spaceships so I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and call them that!) Further Notes: After having been greeted by bemused looks upon reporting my first sighting I felt rather vindicated by this second event.   NOTE: The above image is CGI.






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