Three Missing Hours

To begin with, Crista Tiltan had no idea she had been abducted. She did, though, realize there was a period of around three hours late one night in July 1987 that she simply couldn’t account for. This would ultimately lead her to seek hypnotic regression in order to discover just what her subconscious was holding back from her.  The “most unusual night” of her life was a little sketchy at first. Vague memories of “two small aliens” dragging her by the arms from her room to a strange craft came forth. Then, she lost consciousness, or as Crista recalls “was rendered unconscious”. When she awoke, she was on a table inside of the strange craft, which was now moving. She was extremely groggy and disorientated, to say the least.  A strange entity who she would refer to as her “guide” approached her and handed her a drink, indicating that she should drink it straight away. She did, and almost immediately the grogginess left her. Then, she was led to a doorway and outside the craft, which had now, evidently, stopped. She stepped outside, finding herself on some kind of hillside. It was extremely dark, all except for a “faint light near a cavern” which they were now heading towards. As they neared this apparent opening, Crista could see a “man dressed in a red military-type jump-suit”. He also carried a heavy-duty automatic weapon.  By the time Crista was inside the tunnel she realized she was walking “into the side of a large hill or mountain”. They walked for some time before another man stopped them at an apparent checkpoint. He adorned the same red military uniform as the first man at the entrance. As Crista looked around she could see a futuristic-looking computer screen with cameras watching her.

The Facility

As the guide and the man spoke, she noticed a “large groove” next to them. This, she could see, was a makeshift road, or track, on which a vehicle would take you further into the mysterious mountain. On the other side stretched a long, lonely, but almost menacing hallway, home to many unseen rooms and offices.  Before she could take in any more details, she was ushered into the vehicle which sat patiently on the groove. It moved forward for “what seemed to be a very long time”. Then, the vehicle came to a stop at another checkpoint. This time, however, she was instructed to step on to a “scale-like device” which faced a large screen. As soon as she did, a frenzy of flashing lights and internal computer activity burst into life. Moments later a card emerged. Two holes were punched into it and it was given to Crista as an internal identification.  They then proceeded onwards into the building. When she asked where they were going, her guide only replied that they were in “Level One of The Facility”. Before she could ask any more questions, they stepped onto a strange elevator-type device. They moved down before coming to a stop at the next level. There, two more guards were awaiting their arrival, only these had a different color suit to the others.  They were led down another long corridor. As she walked she snatched glances inside the rooms along each side. Each room was an apparent hive of activity, with lines upon lines of computers and electronic devices along the walls. Strangest of all, though, was the lighting in the corridor. Try as she might, she could simply not see a source for it. It was both everywhere and nowhere.

Deep Inside “The Factory”

This last detail about the lighting might seem trivial and unimportant. However, it comes up in countless other descriptions of the interiors of UFOs. And in the, albeit rarer, accounts of such a facility as the one that Crista found herself in. Indeed, this “no-source” lighting is perhaps a connecting factor in many of these otherwise unrelated cases.  It was around this time when Crista began to become aware of many other people walking around. Her surroundings looked like “a huge office building” separated into “offices and cubicles”. Then she would spot what seemed to be the heart of the open-plan space. A “giant open space” that resembled a large factory warehouse. Inside and to the sides of this space sat several “alien-type craft”. Underneath them were grey-type aliens, seemingly performing repairs or maintenance. As she stepped onto another elevator, she noticed there were more cameras positioned at all angles and in all directions.  When they stepped off the elevator a sign declared they were in Level Five. As soon as she began to follow her guide she began to get an uneasy and frightened feeling. As if sensing this, her guide informed her that as long as she remained with him she wouldn’t come to any harm. Despite this reassurance, there was something about the guards on this particular floor that was different from the others. And more to the point, something not at all friendly.  As the guide brought them to a stop, he would hand her a bundle of garments. She was asked to change her clothes.

Large Tanks With Computerized Gauges

As she unbundled the garment she could see it was a strange hospital gown, only it fastened on both sides leaving her completely covered. As she changed, she noticed the guards in the room salute the guide she had followed. He wasn’t dressed in any military attire, but it was clear that he had some kind of authority here. While the guards all had an emblem or insignia on their uniforms, her guide simply adorned a plain green suit.  Before she could think about it any further, she was asked to step on to another scale-like device. Again, this activated all manner of activity and flashing lights. This time, though, the “strange tones and frequencies” caused severe discomfort to Crista’s ears.  When the activity had stopped, her guide approached her and asked her to follow him once more. They made their way down another corridor. The further down this walkway they went, the stronger a smell similar to formaldehyde became. Suddenly the corridor opened out into a large room.  As Crista scanned her new surroundings she immediately noticed “large tanks with computerized gauges hooked to them”. Tubes and a “huge arm-like device” also connected to these tanks. Crista would estimate them to be around four feet tall. She could see some kind of activity inside, but from the angle she stood, she couldn’t see inside. When she walked over to the nearest tank her guide suddenly reached for her arm and pulled her back. Perhaps ominously he stated that it would “complicate matters” if she was to see what was inside. They hastily left the room and ventured into a huge, open laboratory.The Doctor!

Crista looked around the room in awe. She would later recall that despite her medical and laboratory background there were “machines that I had never seen before”. Furthermore, over by a desk or table, was a grey-alien, its back turned from her. When she heard the sound of metal against metal coming from the table, her medical background came into play once again. The metallic clinking reminded her of someone preparing “surgical instruments” ready for surgery.  As thoughts rumbled around her mind, her guide told her to sit on the table near the grey entity. She refused. However, the smiling, friendly face of the guide was no more. Almost threateningly he informed her it would “much easier” if she did as he asked. Then, another person entered the room. A man dressed in attire ready for the operating theatre. Her fears were gathering pace and beginning to go into overdrive.  Her guide stepped over to this new arrival. Crista could see he had an identification card like the one issued to her earlier. As she watched in ever-increasing horror, the guide turned to her and claimed he would wait outside.  It was then she noticed how truly cold it was in the room.  The doctor called out for help and another grey alien appeared in the room. Without realizing how or why, she began to feel extremely drowsy. As if some kind of relaxant was taking effect. Then, everything went black.

The Procedure

Her next memory is of regaining consciousness while she lay on an operating table. When she attempted to lift her head up the first thing she saw was two large, black eyes staring down at her. When she focused she could see these eyes belonged to one of the grey aliens. She noticed an intense stabbing pain and turned to see the doctor next to her. He was performing a procedure on her stomach, which now went completely numb.  She wasn’t at all aware of what they were doing, but the doctor and the grey aliens were fast and precise in their work. When they had completed, she was told to go into a small room off to the side where she would find her clothes. She did as instructed and after dressing, she returned to the room. Her mysterious guide had also returned and was now talking to the doctor quietly. As he walked over to her he brushed off any concerns by simply stating the procedure “was necessary”.  She would follow her guide down another hallway, noticing a group of grey aliens pass them heading in the opposite direction. She continued to ask questions in an attempt to understand what was happening. No answers came back. Both she and her guide stepped inside a vehicle like the one she had entered the base on and proceeded to another part of the facility. Crista would recall later, “It was there I saw the most disturbing things of all”.

Waxworks That “Were Alive!”

As she entered this next part of the facility, she was met with a sight she was simply not prepared for. Along the sides of the wall was row after row of tall, clear, medical chambers, each one containing a person. Each was “stood” upright and had the look “as if they were wax figures”. Some of the chambers contained animals. Something told her, however, while they may have looked like waxworks, she knew “they were alive”.
She wasn’t sure how long she stood staring at the morbid, grotesque scene in front of her before her guide ushered her onto a waiting elevator. This time, as the custom-made car made its way upwards she remained silent. Her mind was nearing breaking point trying to make sense of what she had witnessed. She was soon on board one of the alien crafts which proceeded to take her back to her home.  Throughout the entire incident, Crista couldn’t shake the feeling that these events had happened to her before. And not just once, but on several occasions. She has also, according to her claims, had several contacts with “other extraterrestrial entities” of a more-friendly nature since the incident.  As outlandish as the notion is to some, and if such accounts as those of Crista Tiltan are accurate and genuine, it would appear an invisible war on an entirely secret battleground is taking place in the background to the collective human reality. What the desired end goal of this apparent conflict might be, of course, is up for debate. Although, and again depending on the authenticity of such accounts, time might be running short to find out.  NOTE: The above images are CGI.





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