A “Brilliant Bright Light” In The Aggsbach Valley

In the early evening of 3rd August 1972, at around 8:45 pm in the Aggsbach Valley area of the Vienna Woods in Austria, head forester, Reinhold Hering, and fellow experienced hunter, Erika Graef, were walking towards their latest kill for retrieval. Hering’s two trained dogs accompanied the pair also.  Suddenly, Hering noticed a bizarre, bright light ahead of them and slightly to their right. He discreetly got Graef’s attention and the pair settled where they were, lifting their binoculars to their eyes to watch the strange glow more closely. As they did so, it slowly emerged from behind a large pine tree. The pair immediately pulled their binoculars away from their faces, the light now much too intense to view through them.  Graef would later recall that “with the naked eye you could clearly see the disc which gave off a brilliant light”. The object tilted slightly towards the pair allowing them to make out a very definite dark, solid surface with three separate lights on it. The first two lights glowed a warm red-orange color. The third, however, was much brighter. Hering would recall that this brighter light appeared to “come from a groove” like an “all-round headlight”.  Incidentally, Hering’s home is in Klausen-Leopoldsdorf which is right in the flight path of all aircraft approaching Vienna Airport. He was extremely familiar with all manner of aircraft in the region and this was most certainly something neither he nor his hunting partner had witnessed before.  The glowing craft continued to move calmly over the two hunters and the Aggsbach Valley. It would remain in sight for around fifteen seconds before disappearing behind the sloping landscape of Kreuzeck Hill. The pair both returned to their waiting car as quickly as they could, leaving their prize on the forest floor unclaimed. Once there, they drove to Hering’s home and made a report of the sighting to the local police.  It wasn’t long before his report found its way into the local newsrooms.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.





THANKS TO and Marcus Lowth