I had returned home on at 7.30 PM and started unloading a few groceries into my garage.  In the process of doing that, I looked into the sky and noticed what appeared to be a small group of three circular cloud or misty like objects hovering about 150 to 250 feet in the air at about a 60 degree elavation.  It appeared a bit unusual at first and I was about to continue unloading items when a fourth object appeared moving in a zig zag pattern leaving a bright orange trail behind it until it moved into close proximity of the other three objects. They hovered for about one minute and then began rotating in a clockwise direction at about 20 to 30 feet apart at equal distance from each other.  I would not have paid much attention had I not noticed the fourth object arrive.  I watch them rotate in a circular pattern and the merge into one object which appeared to spin then break up into four object again and repeat the process over again. I tried to determine what it was and looked around to see if anything could be causing it. I was convinced it was nothing like search light or anything else that was making what I was witnessing. I walked toward the oject and they huddled together and moved away. The closer I got to them the more they moved away I was amazed and curious. I looked around to see if I could find a neighbor to confirm what was happening and no one appeared to be home so I proceeded to my house to awaken my son to witness this event. He proceeds outside and I said observe this and see what happens when I approach them . He watched and his exact words were that is really creepy. This continued for about 30 minutes from when I first noticed them. They continued as we went inside as the temperature was 45 degrees outside.  Entering into the house he said they were UFO ‘s.  I have worked on submarines, aircraft carriers, airplanes and heliocopters and I don’t know what they were but I have never seen anything like what we had seen. It started to rain about 15 minute after entering the house I went back outside to check on them and they were gone.  I had made an attemt to photogragh them with my cell phone but having a lower grade cell phone, the attempt was not successful. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.  Portsmouth is next to Oceana Naval Air Station and across the inlet from Langley Airforce base.

Thanks to MUFON CMS system.