“Back in the early 80’s I was 4x4ing in the Franklin Mountains, northeast of El Paso TX.  Just west of me is White Sands and in El Paso is Ft Bliss/Biggs Airfield. I was going up and steep hill with one friend along, I looked over to my left side towards the mountain and saw what at first I thought was something like a large black plastic bag floating around or something someone might be flying remote control. I stopped on the side of the hill and turned off my truck because it was loud. We didn’t hear anything or see anyone else around. We were just thinking WTF is that? We decided to try and get to the top of the hill so we’d be closer. We were only about 100 yards away from this UFO. As I went up the hill, it started to move up and down slightly. It was completely still when we first spotted it. I decided to stop again and this time we got out of the truck and were watching it just floating around. No sounds. No lights. No vapor fumes. No windows. No moving parts. Just a completely odd non-aerodynamic shape kinda like a potato about the size of a VW bug. We watched it for about five minutes and it started to move forward at that point we started yelling at it and jumping around waving. In a few seconds it took off towards the mountain peak and then skimmed the top in a straight line and went west. It was faster than anything we have that I’ve seen. Back then me and my friend would always head out and 4×4 but always took some guns to plink targets and take pictures of our trucks, unfortunately this time we didn’t bring anything except for a few beers and a joint. Which we didn’t consume first..hahaha. I saw what I saw and will never forget it What’s odd is the government fenced off the area trails a few years later and they are out there looking for trespassers. I know because I got stopped by the military police in 1995 when I took two people out to the same spot to show and tell my story.”  NOTE: The above image is CGI.






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