In 1991, I was a young naval officer standing the midwatch as the conning officer on a Knox class frigate. We were in the Med, (Mediterranean Sea) and the water was flat calm…smooth like glass. It was very dark with a new moon. We were transiting East at 15 knots. While standing on the Port bridge wing, I noticed a soft greenish glow on the horizon about 30 degrees off the port bow. I kept my eyes on it as it looked like it was on an interception course with us. As it got closer, I thought it was a fish of some type with light reflecting off of it.  I called over the Officer of the deck… he thought it was nothing unusual. This thing eventually passed just barely in front of our bow. I had a great look at it. It was an object just under the surface of the water… it gave off its own light, was oval-shaped without control surfaces, no rudder, no external propellers. Nothing. It was a 3D ovaline shaped object with a completely smooth body. It was completely silent. I was surprised how fast and smooth it traveled underwater. It was about 10 to 15 feet long. After it crossed our bow, I ran to the opposite bridge wing on the starboard side and saw it continue on its course. I don’t think it was a conventional marine craft of military or civilian origin. It definitely exhibited superior technology to anything I knew or seen at the time. It is one of a few very unusual things I am fortunate to have observed in my lifetime

My event also happened to me while on the water about 7 miles off the coast of central Georgia aboard the USCG Cutter Tahoma steaming for Jacksonville, Fl. We were flying day shapes earlier in the day after running some exercises and realized we hadn’t taken them down. I was asked by my OPS boss to take them down. So I went up to the O-3 deck and it was pitch black outside – a kind of darkness that city-dwellers aren’t accustomed to because of light pollution.  After I secured the day shapes I very clearly saw a glowing, orangish orb off the port side about midship. At first, I thought it was a mast light of a sailing craft, which means it would have been dangerously close, and my heart sank thinking how our radars couldn’t have seen it so close up to the point where a collision seemed inevitable. You have to understand how dark it was out there. I could barely differentiate between the waterline and the horizon. It quickly became evident that it was no mast light, as this thing was dancing around and performing acrobatics as agile as a dragonfly but also shooting up, down, making figure-8 patterns, circles, etc. In short, it made no sense and I was seeing something I have never seen before or since.

The year was late 2010 – about December. I couldn’t tell you the size of the object because, again, it was so dark that I had no other visual reference to determine if it was a small object close up or big object far away, but it seemed like a fairly small object maybe 50-100 yards away, if I absolutely had to guess. I watched this thing dance around, which was obviously following us as it kept up with the movement of a ship that was traveling at about 25 knots at the time. I watched it for approximately a minute until it faded away and my eyes strained to keep trained on it. What I can deduce is that whatever it was, it had a clear intelligence behind it because its movements were very obvious to follow us. It looked like it was investigating who we were. And once it was satisfied, it left. I am NOT at all a “UFO guy” and 99% of the time I tend to rationalize most of the stories or videos I’ve seen/heard. I definitely witnessed a UFO that day, in the literal sense that I observed an Unidentified Flying Object. I have no clue if it was terrestrially made or extra-terrestrially made… All I know is what I saw and that I have no rational explanation for what it was. Anyway, I used to be an OS in the Navy too, but my incident happened after I left the Navy and was in the Coast Guard as a BM.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.






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