An apparent UFO crash at Southaven Park in South Haven, Long Island in New York in November 1992 was broken to the world by the little-known UFO research group, the ‘Long Island UFO Network’. They would research and investigate the incident for six months. By the early summer of 1993, they had “bit by bit” able to “put the picture together”.The incident, though, would take a dark turn, amid charges of attempted murder of government officials, conspiracies involving international intelligence agencies, and ultimately, the incarceration of several of the group’s members, including the indefinite detaining of the chairman of the group. Was this a case of a man and his “delusional” fantasies leaking into the real world with potentially lethal consequences to others? Or have we witnessed the persecution of a person who, as cliché as it sounds, “got a little too close to the truth” of the dark goings-on of international shadow governments?  It is an interesting case and one that could quite easily sit within either of those scenarios. And, if there is any truth to the claims of connections to dark, government conspiracies, it is a case that should not only concern us, but might allow us to push the door open a little more on the apparent dark workings of the shadow intelligence agencies.

“Something Crashed Into The Park That Night!”

According to the chairman of the Long Island UFO Network, John Ford, the group “knew something crashed into the park that night” at a little after 7 pm on 24th November 1992. They had received several reports from people driving along Sunrise Highway, many claiming to have seen something – possibly a small plane – coming to the ground somewhere in Southaven Park. Furthermore, many residents in the area would also report “strange lights” from the area, as well as “loud rumbling sounds”.  Almost immediately, both the local and park police set up road blocks along the highway. An official report of a “fire in the park” was the reason. And the park would remain closed for several days after the incident. One resident would even report that for almost a week following the apparent crash, they would experience strange “power surges” at their home.  Even stranger, the phone would ring at random times of the day. However, there was always no one on the other end of the line. This is an interesting detail. While there is no apparent reports of such sightings at the time near South Haven, these chilling phone calls are reminiscent of the Mothman sightings of the mid-1960s. Many of the Mothman legends intertwine with UFO activity. The same witness would state that “for the next few days, there were a lot of military helicopters going over the park”.  Official records of Southaven Park claim that the area remained shut from 25th to the 28th November for “duck hunting”. Furthermore, while there was a fire, they claim the Brookhaven National Laboratory Fire Department neutralized it. It would be, though, almost a week before the reopening of the grounds fully to the public. Including Ford and his research team.

A Definite Disturbance And Strange Readings!

When they ventured into Southaven Park to investigate they would find evidence of a significant disturbance to the area. According to Ford, they would discover “an area that was burned out and several trees were bent over”. A further area appeared as though “it had been plowed by machinery”.  Of more interest to the investigators, though, were “higher than normal radiation readings” throughout the park. And furthermore, the metal fence line, which maintains a magnetic charge directly from the Earth “had no magnetic reading”. Something, whatever it might have been, was responsible for these abnormal details.  There were also several more corroborating sightings of strange activity that Saturday evening in November 1992. Many of which would share the same, and increasingly dark details. Many would make claims of dark, unmarked helicopters appearing in the area in the immediate aftermath of the apparent crash. Furthermore, military style roadblocks began appearing equally quickly. One witness would tell of only just making it out of the area before the blocking of his last exit. Equally mystifying was the presence of plain-clothed, all-black officers at many of the road blocks.  Even stranger were reports of sudden failing or bizarre activity involving electrical equipment throughout many of the residential neighborhoods. One particularly intriguing report claims of refused entry to several New York State Police vehicles. This was denied by the police themselves. However, an apparent “inside source” to one UFO investigator would claim it to be true.  It is also perhaps interesting that many of those who claim to have witnessed the craft before the crash would state it to be a “tube” or cylindrical shape.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.







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