Tallahassee Florida 1985/86, the area is known as Lake Jackson, off of Hwy 27 North. I was probably 9/10 at the time. My mother was in her early/mid 30s and my sister was 4/5. The 3 of us had gone to a local convenience store that evening to make ice cream cones for us. We were a family of 4 then, mom, dad, me and my sister. Now, we only lived about 3 miles from this store and my mom, sister and I had traveled to it on many occasions to make these treats. It usually only took us, round trip, no less than 30 minutes. 5 minutes to get there. A few minutes to make the cones, and 5 minutes back. One particular night, coming back from the store, Mom, my sister and I were headed south (Old Bainbridge Rd) back to Wood Hill Dr (Tallahassee). Old Bainbridge Rd is a beautiful 2 laned Oak canopy Rd. On this night, it was really really extra dark. Dark and silent. Not a sound. All of a sudden, we noticed this extremely bright light through the trees. It was so bright, it was like thousands of stadium lights shinning, out of nowhere. The car all of a sudden, started to die. First the radio flickered in and out, then the car headlights started to dim and all of the electrical components started fluttering off and on wildly. Then there was this great flash over us/our car. As quickly as it came, it was fine that fast. It seemed like the car had shut itself off and then right back on, as in a blink. Then we noticed it. The 4 ice cream cones we had made, were completed melded. Puddles in our hands. And what usually took us (round trip) there and back only 30 minutes, had turned into an hour and a half. And hour and a half. I remember telling my mom we had just seen an alien. Keeping in mind, I was only 9/10 then. My mother was completely silent. When we arrived back home, our dad was beside himself, worried, upset, concerned and frustrated. He did understand what had taken us so long and why we didnt have the ice creams. (We tossed the left over cones out the windows of the car. My mom never could tell our dad what had happened.

Now in later years, our parents divorced and we moved about 3 miles west of the marital home, to Lakewood Village. Still in the same area because my mom wanted my sister and I to stay in the same school zones. And actually closer to Lake Jackson (Tallahassee). Now at this point in our lives, my sister is roughly 11/12 and I was 16/17. My sister, my mom, my sister friend dawn and I all stayed up late on this night and watched the movie Tombstone (w/Kurt Russell & Val Kimmer) after the movie ended (now approximately 12/12:30am, I went outside to the edge of our driveway, to smoke a cigarette. My sister and her friend Dawn also followed me outside to sneak a drag with me. (I know bad big sister, but that is another issue for another time), anyway, we were sitting down on the edge of the drive, mimicking Val Kimmers character,  Doc Holiday, and in doing a little montage, stating his famous line, Im your huckleberry, took a puff off our cigarette and blew the smoke up into the nights sky. Then there it was. Gibberish right over us. COMPLETELY SILENT, not a dog barking, a cricket chirping, toys silence. Errie silence. As we starred in complete silent shock, while this UFO hovered only as high as the tree tops around us, with blue and red lights underneath (all we could see) it then started spinning really fast, so fast the lights turned purple, and then shot off so fast, in the direction over Lake Jackson. Suddenly, the neighborhood dogs started barking again and you could hear local neighborhood noise, we ran into the house, now white as ghost and reported everything to our mom. She actually called the local police this time, and reported it. Additionally another citizen that night witnessed the UFO as well, flying over Lake Jackson as we had stated, same discription around the same time we had seen it. It should also be noted here, my mom called air traffic personnel to see if anything unusual had been spotted, but to no avail.

I am now 42 y/o and have moved to the county south of Tallahassee (Wakulla County) and married my high school sweet heart. We built our own home and have 3 children, ya of which are grown young men (one is law enforcement and the other an electrical apprentice) and have a daughter age 7. My husband, my oldest son (22) my brother in law and a few other have witnessed here at my home currently, white orb type lights, flying silently through the skies, always the same direction, from the NE, to the SW (over the Gulf of Mexico) usually in pairs of 2, 3 and 5. More frequently within the last 10 years have they been showing up more and more. Same direction, over my home, complete silence and once they hit the SW corner over the Gulf, they shoot straight up into space without hardy a trace, and always always NEVER making a sound. One night, we actually could see some kind of expelliant or UFO trail left behind as it took off for space.  I know without a doubt, the are extraterrestrial visitors.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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