This has been bugging me since I seen this and I have to get it out there on file .
I was staying with my wife at her aunts old cabin in Wells Vermont .  We have been going there for the past twenty yrs together every yr and I have never in my life seen anything like this any where in the world or on tv .  It was a nice beautiful night with a slight chill In the air .  I was out first night there for the week and I stayed up late to enjoy the nice view of the stars .  I have witnessed many aircraft in flight there and at numerous air shows .  I know what a plane, helocopter, rocket and hot air balloon look like and this was nothing even close to any of them .  It was around 4:00 am and there was absolutely no sound except a small plane way out in the distance just north east of my position flying towards my direction .  I knew this cause I could see his front lights and red and green marker lights blinking away very easily and say yes that is a small propeller gas powered airplane .  As I am standing there enjoying the start of our vacation I am facing dead east looking out at the lake when I see my shadow cast in front of me like there is a police car with its spot light on me directly .  As I turn around I am expecting to see a car and what I see has blown me away ever since .  As I turned around I had to shield my eyes since it was so big and so bright I could hardly look at it with my hands In front of my eyes looking just over my shoulder I could see what looked like a giant 2 story house sized very ultra bright ball of blue/green more blueish solid light all around the object .  It was only maybe 50-100 feet above the trees and roughly 2 properties to the left of the cabin . It was moving over the trees and water roughly 30-50 miles an hr over the landscape and it went from dead west behind me to straight across the small side of the lake eastern till it lifted with the landscape across the other side and disappeared on the other side of the cliff face that faces the cabin .  Everyone I tell this to says I am crazy and I watch to many ancient aliens show .  But god as my witness I have never seen anything like this nor do I want to again .  I just want someone to tell me what the heck I saw cause in my eyes it should not have ever been there and it was to close for comfort .  I hope I never and I hope I do see it again someday .  I was unable to get a pic or video cause I was to lost in what was happening at the time and grabbing my phone from inside was not an option to get it in time .
Please if anyone else has seen this I would love to know what I have seen .  NOTE: The above image is real but from another investigation.

This case is under investigation by Sate Director Ken Pfeifer of MUFON Vermont.






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