A Strange Moving Light Over the Wedowee Poultry Plant

The MUFON investigation wouldn’t begin until May 1997. Consequently, the exact date of the incident is unknown, other than it was 1995, and during the autumn or winter months due to both the colder temperature recalled by the witnesses, as well as the fact it was dark at 7 pm (when the incident occurred).

Like the date, the exact number of witnesses varies depending on the source. However, it would appear that between 10 to 12 members of church ladies’ group from LaGrange, Georgia were traveling to a church in Anniston, Alabama as part of an organized cross-state “bingo” trip. Their driver was also a member of their church in LaGrange, as well as a respected businessman in their community.

It was a journey they had made several times before. So much so, that each was waiting in dread-like anticipation for their small bus to go past the poultry plant in Wedowee that was on their route and for the ungodly stench from its buildings to infiltrate their vehicle and assault their nostrils without mercy or discrimination. As they went by on this evening, however, it wasn’t what they could smell that got their attention, but what they could see.

Over the plant, they could see a strange light. At first, they thought it was part of the main building itself and questioned why such a bright light was positioned there. However, as the light began to move one of the passengers would announce, “It’s not a light, but some flying thing”.

Almost immediately following, the light suddenly began to head in their direction. The driver increased the speed slightly. The strange glow continued to follow them, with each of those on board now very much aware of the strange events unfolding around them.

A Humanoid Shape Inside The Orb – “Like A Human Embryo”

The strange light would maintain its distance of approximately 50 feet while flying at a height of around 10-12 feet above awestruck driver and passengers. Many of the witnesses would describe the object as an orb or lightbulb. Two of them would even claim to have seen a “humanoid shape” moving inside the brightness of the intense glow. The more they stared at the strange object and the longer the incident continued the more unnerved the witnesses became.

Many of the passengers began to duck in their seats so their heads were not exposed in the glass windows. Each would take a quick peek outside on occasion before ducking back down again.

Perhaps of more concern was a “strange beam of light” that several of the passengers claimed emerged from the orb and “hurt their eyes”. Another witness would describe this beam as having a “sparkling effect” while another would state that the beam came through the window as if some had flicked a switch. Incidentally, several of the passengers would report extreme soreness and irritation of the eyes in the days that would follow.

The driver would take the vehicle into an underpass. When the light didn’t follow, he and the passengers thought perhaps they had lost it or it had given up the chase. However, upon emerging from the other side of the tunnel, the light was there, hovering above, as if anticipating and waiting for their arrival. The pursuit would continue for several more minutes until the van came to an intersection and stopped. The light, rather than stopping, the light continued over a field before it suddenly accelerated vertically. It moved so fast it left a visible streak in the witness’s eyesight for several seconds. Then, it was the size of a star which suddenly vanished.






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