A Washington witness at Ellensburg reported watching an object the size of an aircraft carrier under 1,000 feet with an estimated length of 1,000 to 2,000, according to testimony in Case 89498. The incident began at 8:45 p.m. on January 9, 2018, when the witnesses’ German Shepard began barking insistently outside their northeast bedroom window. “My wife and I both heard a deep, low, muffled, pulsing sound that grew louder within several seconds,” the witness stated. “My wife went out the northeast bedroom door and I went out the south door. The sound we then heard was very loud and sounded like an electric turbine, similar to a hydroelectric turbine, but pulsating.” The witness looked directly up and saw a very large object moving slowly from the northeast corner of the house moving towards the southwest. “The object appeared to be about 500 to 1,000 foot above the ground and there were two lights and one pulsating red light on both the fore and aft ends of the object. The weather that night was a bit overcast but with some stars visible, except between the two sets of lights where the object blocked out any view of the stars – or light reflected back off the low cloud ceiling.” The witness said the outline of the object was vague and hard to discern but you could clearly see a physical object extending between the sets of lights. “I first thought that it was two aircraft moving in perfect tandem; however, the rear set of lights was directly behind the first and moving in perfect harmony at a slow but steady speed and much too slow for the objects to be aircraft, and I could clearly see some physical object between the two.”

The witness’s wife joined him and they both observed the object moving slowly towards the southwest. “The pulsating sound was very loud and muffled but we could almost feel the energy as it receded as the object moved over the hills to the southwest about two miles away. Our elevation is 1,300 feet and the nearby hills are at 1,800 feet and I got the sense that the object was only 500 to 1,000 feet above us. I held both hands out pointed at the front and back and my arms were at a 90-degree angle which gave me a sense of the size. There is a major highway climbing the grade and we are able to see the lights of vehicles as they ascend and descend the grade; however, no lights were visible as the object passed over the highway.” It took about one minute for the object to reach the hills to the southwest and they viewed it the entire time. “My wife had grabbed her cellphone and attempted to video the object; however, was only able to get some still photographs, which do show distinct light patterns and vaguely show the shape and size of the object, which I estimated to be about the size of an aircraft carrier, 1,000 feet long. As the object reached the hills, it appeared to hover for about 45 seconds to a minute and then slowly disappeared out of sight.

We were amazed and a bit in shock, but were absolutely sure of what we saw and heard. As we recalled what we had seen we noted that the cloud cover had lifted slightly, and stars were very visible, which reinforced for us that it was a physical object that blocked our view of the stars above.” As the two were recapping the event, they both heard a very high-pitched wailing, screaming sound that they had never heard before. “We do live in the country and there are coyotes, flocks of geese and other animals, but this was unlike any sound we had ever heard. The sound seemed very unnatural and I described it to my wife as similar to the sound heard in the movie “Ghost,” where the bad spirits come to collect the ghost of the men who had killed the lead. Very strange and unsettling, especially as we had just witnessed something we had never seen before.” Washington MUFON Chief Investigator Daniel Nims closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle. “The witnesses seemed to be credible and gave a very coherent description of the event,” Nims wrote in his report. “They were in their bedroom in the southeast corner of the house watching TV when they heard a loud noise moving overhead.

The wife went out the north exterior exit of the room to the patio, the husband went out the south exit into the hot tub patio. The wife just saw the back end of the object sticking out northeast of the roof, moving southwest. The husband saw the front of the object overhead moving southwest. He called his wife, who came to the south patio. They watched, and the craft moved toward the southwest and the aft end of the object came into view over the roof. “The object had three lights at the front and back, a red pulsing light in the center and a white steady light on either side of it. They were not exactly in a row, with the center red light closer to the front for the front lights, and closer to the back for the back lights. Though the part of the object between the front and rear lights was not lighted, the star field and scattered clouds were obscured by the middle of the object. As it was dark, and the perimeter of the object was not clearly visible they couldn’t be certain about the overall shape of the object, but they seemed to think it was oval in shape. “The witness held his arms out in the direction of the front and back of the object and there was about a 90-degree arc between them. The witness is a private pilot and familiar with the low, scattered cloud layer common in the valley. Based on that, he estimates the object was approximately 500-1,000 feet AGL. Based on the angle between the front and back of the object and the estimated height, the object would be quite large—1,000-2,000 feet long.

They watched for two to three minutes as the object moved off to the southwest and out of sight over the nearby ridge. “The sound it made was quite loud, loud enough to be heard indoors. They said it had a slow, pulsing rhythm, not steady. The witness was aware of the Yakima Training Range, 10 miles southeast of them. They said they had occasionally seen and were familiar with helicopter traffic operating on the range. They said the sound did not sound like helicopter engines. The wife was able to get several pictures with her cell phone, an LG K8. The pictures show the lights, but they are streaks due her unsteady pointing of the camera. After the object passed, and they were discussing what they had seen, they heard a very highpitched, wailing, screaming sound. They said it was not like a coyote or any other animal with which they were familiar. “A possible option other than an Unknown would be a formation of aircraft (i.e., helicopters). The witnesses said they had never observed night helicopter operations in the area. The lighting pattern does not conform with known helicopter lighting configurations (green right side, red left side, white tail, with an anti-collision beacon. The path of the object was toward the southwest, not southeast toward the range area. The area between the
two light groups obscured the stars and cloud sky background. These facts do not support the formation of aircraft option. The loud pulsing noise associated with the passing of the object might support the helicopter thesis, but the witness said it did not sound like a helicopter. It sounded more like an electrical turbine. No natural cause would fit the description of the object. It is concluded that this sighting is an Unknown. “Amended, February 9, 2018: The vice-commander of the Yakima Training Range called and confirmed that there was no training scheduled the whole week of January 9, 2018. That seems to preclude range helicopter traffic as being the object sighted.” Ellensburg is a city in and county seat of Kittitas County, Washington, population 20,326. NOTE: The above image is CGI.






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