I am a competent, educated scientist of sound mind and character. I have never reported anything like this before.

At 23:30 on 5/27/05 while taking my nightly walk, I obsereved a triangluar craft (craft) traversing the sky from north to south at about 20K feet. The sky is very clear this night with several miles of clear visibility.

The craft’s speed was about 500 knots. The craft was perfectly silent and moving rapidly. Several miles behind the craft was what appeared to be a fighter jet moving very rapidly, 600 to 700 knots. As the jet was chasing the craft they both where flying toward my position. I could begin to hear the engines of the jet at that time.

It appeared as thought the triangular craft was toying with the jet in that as the jet got closer to the craft, the craft would speed up somewhat and leave the jet behind. As the craft and jet got nearly directly over my location, the triangular craft made a sharp right hand turn the the west.

The jet was unable to make the turn at the same angle as the craft. The jet’s turn was much more pronounced and made a much wider loop.

Due to that, the jet lost quite a bit of ground on the craft during the turn, yet again as both craft began traverseing in a straight line toward the west-nortwest the craft again appeared to toy with the pursuing jet in the same manner aforementioned.

After a few seconds it appeared that the craft accelerated dramaticaly and left the jet behind. I observed the jet make one tight loop several miles from my position and then turn off to the north-northeast and flew out of my line of sight.

One thing that was odd about the triangular craft was the three lights making up the trianglar pattern were not equal in distance. Referencing the wingspan of the jet, two of the lights on the craft were about 50 to 75 feet apart and the third light was approximately 100 to 150 feet from the other two lights.

Additionally, the two lights closer together were at the front and the other further away light was at the rear facing the pursuing jet. This made the craft to appear to be moving in reverse.

It should be noted, that the color of the triangular craft lights were an unusual milky white color, nothing like that of the very bright red, green and white lights observed on the jet.

Tinker Air Force Base, which does have fighters, is located about 25 miles east of my house.

I assure you that this is a true account of what I observed on the stated date and time.

NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness via telephone on two occasions, and we found him to be quite objective in his description of the alleged sighting, and very well organized in his description of what it was he apparently witnessed.

We have invited him to contact media and law enforcement offices, to inquire whether anyone else might have been witness to the event. Also, he will contact the FAA ARTCC in Oklahoma City, to inquire whether the controllers on duty Friday night, May 27, might know what the cause of the incident was.

We have to allow for the possibility that the object apparently being pursued by what may have been a military fighter jet may have been an F-22 “Raptor” fighter on a test flight, but even that aircraft would have to have displayed conventional red and green marker lights on its wing tips.

The witness will submit an illustration of what the lights on the object looked like to him, as he viewed it from the ground.

If any visitors to the NUFORC site were witness to this event over Oklahoma, we would request that they submit a short report of what they saw, using the Online Report Form on our website. NOTE: The above image is CGI.






Peter Davenport

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