Bizarre Abduction Incident In The Early Hours Of Christmas Day, 2016, Laguna Hills, California?

The incident in question was submitted to MUFON’s online sightings and incidents website concerning an apparent alien abduction encounter in the Laguna Hills region of California in the early hours of Christmas Day 2016.

According to the report, at a little after 3 am the witness would state to have awakened to a “commotion in my bedroom”. The witness believed this commotion involved his wife and daughter. However, he would make the decision to return to sleep as opposed to see what the matter was. However, after they had seemingly left the room but failed to return after several minutes, the witness ventured out to investigate.

He would find them asleep in his daughter’s room, apparently the commotion was the cleaning up after their pet dog, who left a mess in their bedroom. This behavior was strange in itself for their 7-year-old pet, and something we will return to later. He would change the sheets, and leave the pair sleeping where they were and return to bed. A little more awake now, he switched on the television. After somewhere approaching an hour he could feel himself becoming sleepy once more.

The next thing he knew, he was waking up with a sense of fear running through him. He recalled having an intense nightmare which he began to sort through in his mind. Then, all of a sudden, he could sense “static electricity all around” his body. As he tried to move, the electric feeling grew stronger. Furthermore, his movements became increasingly difficult, as though he was going into paralysis.

It was then, he would recall, that he “knew ‘they’ were coming”.

A Sudden Sense Of “Euphoria, Excitement, And Elation!”

It was as he was turning on to his right-hand side that he finally lost the ability to move completely. His vision was a strange “blackish grey and fuzzy”, as though he was seeing through the static field itself.

As he helplessly looked on, a strange creature suddenly “materialized” through the wall and approached him. It looked distinctively like a typical grey alien, standing approximately five feet tall. The creature would reach forward and after grabbing and squeezing the witness’s hand, began to communicate telepathically with him. He would recall that while this was happening, a sense of “euphoria, excitement, and elation” surged through him.

After several more moments, the entity disappeared back through the wall, leaving the witness, still paralyzed, laying on the bed. Shortly after, both the static electric atmosphere dissipated, and the paralysis wore off.

He remained on the bed for some time. First in a state of confusion and shock. Then, however, with a sense of “peace of mind” and reassurance, he would drift into sleep.

Alien Abduction Victims “Cosmic Guinea Pigs” Their Entire Lives?

When he awoke next it was 8:30 am with his wife waking several minutes later. He would immediately tell her of the encounter, and much to his surprise, she would fully believe his account without question.

Their pet dog, she would reason, had likely made a mess in their bedroom, remember behavior completely at odds with its personality, because it could sense “something” in the minutes leading up to the incident. She would further recall that their dog had been acting strangely for several hours before the apparent incident. So much so, that she and their daughter were awake long after her husband, concerned for its general health.

What’s more, the witness would claim that he had a lifetime of strange sightings and incidents behind him. Many of these incidents would present themselves to him in his dreams. He knew, however, that they were very real events.

While we, as always, must treat such accounts with caution, it is interesting that many people who claim to have suffered one incident of alien abduction often go on to recall a lifetime of similar incidents. Indeed, it would appear that the apparent victims of alien abduction are unlikely to suffer the one, single abduction.

Rather chillingly, it would appear they are “cosmic guinea pigs” of sorts, subject to experiments and data collection across their entire lives. And perhaps even more ominously, these events will very likely replicate in the lives of their children, much like it very likely does in the lives of their parents and grandparents. NOTE: The above image is CGI.






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