It was 46 years ago this month, but I remember it like it was yesterday. My friend and I were driving to her house around 6:00pm when I casually looked out the window up at the sky and I saw some kind of rapidly dropping light, which fell and disappeared, similar to a shooting star. I dismissed it as that, until I looked out again a few minutes later and saw what I assume was the same light moving in odd directions, very fast. It would appear, zip vertically for a second then disappear again, only to reappear elsewhere in the sky, dart up diagonally, then disappear again. This happened probably about 4 times, then stopped, I didn’t see it after that. That is until we got to my friend’s house and stepped out of the car. Above her house (which was a large, five-bedroom, two level ranch home), approximately 1000 feet from the ground, was an enormous, disc shaped craft, dull silver-gray metallic, still and silent, with a smaller solid dome on top and a smaller disc shaped area underneath, lighted all around with alternately yellowish lights and portholes. The craft was larger than her house, so I estimate it to be approximately 300 feet in diameter. We stood there speechless looking at this thing, and I remember a combination of astonishment and curiosity, but strangely, no fear.  My friend’s Dad came to the front door – as I guess he saw us just standing there looking up – and we screamed to him to come outside and look at this UFO above his house.  My friend’s sister came out to see it, so there were three of us who witnessed it, but my friend’s Dad just laughed at us inside the doorway, walked away, and never came out. The craft proceeded to move horizontally very slowly toward the back yard, and it had a red transparent beam moving in sync with it, scanning the creek behind my friend’s house.

They were studying/scanning the creek, we could see the end of the beam in the water. After it passed the creek, it proceeded to move at the same slow rate of speed down her street, toward a private farm which had an open pasture (we called it Brown’s dairy farm). We got back in the car and followed until we reached a stop sign near the farm and could go no further, but we could still see the craft above but close to the trees. It silently stopped over the pasture, then revved up its “engine” which started as a rumble then sounded like three airplanes starting at the same time, but there were no flames, just extremely loud noise, and took off diagonally so fast, it was gone from sight in approximately 5 seconds. And that was it, we never saw it again. I went home, got out my binoculars, and sat outside until about 1:00am looking for it, but I never saw it again. I checked the newspaper after that to see if it was reported, but couldn’t find anything.  Warwick is home to an airport, perhaps that’s why. I know what I saw, I still wonder what they were looking for in the creek.  What still boggles my mind to this day is how an object that large could be completely silent, even when it started moving (until it took off).  I will never forget that as long as I live. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

This case is under investigation by Section State Director Eric Smith of MUFON Rhode Island.






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